Case Study


When Enstruct outsourced the support and management of their IT systems, they were able to liberate their existing resources and prepare themselves for growth.

The Situation

Established in 2000, Enstruct Structural & Civil Engineers have become a sought-after consultant to the property industry, winning engineering commissions on landmark commercial, industrial and residential projects in Australia, New Zealand and overseas.

With their business growing, Enstruct needed to free up more resources. “We’d always managed our IT systems ourselves,” says Enstruct Senior Associate Tim Boulton. “But with the demand for our services increasing, we decided to concentrate solely on our business and outsource our IT.”

The Challenges

Enstruct went to tender. Unfortunately, while the company that won the process successfully rebuilt much of Enstruct’s infrastructure, their ongoing support failed to live up to expectations.

“Our provider wasn’t forward-looking,” says Boulton. “They weren’t adequately resolving issues nor preventing them from occurring. It was a situation that wasn’t tenable.”

To get the support they required, Enstruct turned to Brennan IT. “Brennan IT had impressed during the tender process, and after our experience with the first vendor, we saw additional value in what Brennan IT had proposed,” Boulton explains.

The Solution

Brennan IT were able to quickly resolve the problems affecting Enstruct’s server and desktop systems.

Through a Managed IT Support agreement, Brennan IT now serves as the single point-of-call for all Enstruct’s IT needs. “Brennan IT have taken complete control of our systems, servers, workstations and network,” Boulton says.

As part of the Managed IT Support package, Enstruct has 24/7 access to a centralised helpdesk – something which Boulton says is vital, given the around-the-clock nature of the company’s activities. In addition to the helpdesk service, Enstruct also has a dedicated primary technician ready to take their calls.

The Results

As well as responding to problems as they arise, Boulton says that Brennan IT actively pre-empt issues before they occur, and also suggest ways in which Enstruct can improve their IT systems to better their business.

“One of the first things Brennan IT did was advise us about how to simplify parts of our server infrastructure,” says Boulton. “We like the fact that they’ve understood our business and work to suggest technologies and systems that can help us.”

Tim Boulton says that an essential benefit of the Managed IT Support solution is that it provides a single point of responsibility for the management of the company’s IT systems.
“For us, this exercise is about freeing up internal resources to focus on the business. That can’t happen if there’s finger-pointing between providers. Through Managed IT Support, Brennan IT are responsible for the complete management of everything from servers and desktops to network switches,” he says.

The speed at which Enstruct can expand its infrastructure has also improved. “With new staff coming on regularly, we can order and have new desktops ready to go in one day,” says Boulton. “It’s a small thing but it gives us confidence that we’re able to grow our infrastructure at short notice“.

Asked to describe Enstruct’s experience of Brennan IT’s service, Boulton says that Brennan IT have been “absolutely fantastic” and that he would recommend Managed IT Support to any business considering the service. “The Brennan IT team is organised and well-managed. From the technicians to their account managers, they’ve always been across what’s happening in our business,” Boulton states.

He concludes: “We decided to outsource so that we didn’t have to have an internal person managing our IT systems and relationships, and with Brennan IT, we don’t. Their service absolutely represents value for money.”

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