Case Study


When Enersys started to see their service standards drop, they turned to Brennan IT to deliver their managed IT services.

The Challenge

When its IT provider’s service standards began to slip, however, the company found itself in the lurch.

“We’d outsourced our IT requirements for numerous years,” says Debbie Vivian, Enersys’ General Manager, “but when the company we used was acquired, their service levels dropped.”

Crucially, when Enersys’ Exchange system went down, their provider took three days to repair it – far too long when Enersys depended on it for incoming orders. Enersys also wanted to upgrade their aging server infrastructure but found their provider slow to produce recommendations.

“We knew we needed a new IT partner,” says Vivian. “Someone who would respond to our needs and who we could trust to keep us online.”

The Solution

Enersys selected three potential new partners to examine in detail.

“We had several criteria,” explains Vivian. “Firstly, our new provider had to offer the full range of services that our business required, including around-the-clock support. Secondly, they needed to be the right size – not so big that our business wouldn’t matter to them.”

After evaluating their options, Enersys decided to hire Brennan IT.

“We wanted a partner who could provide the services we required under the one banner,” says Vivian. “With a proven ability to deliver the managed services we wanted, including network connectivity, Brennan IT was our first choice.”

To replace Enersys’ outdated server platforms, Brennan IT recommended two new servers to meet the company’s email, file storage and database requirements.

To improve network reliability, Enersys upgraded to Brennan IT’s BPIP network solution, establishing a dedicated link between the company’s Sydney and Melbourne offices.

Brennan IT’s engineers also ensured that the Enersys Australia team was able to seamlessly and securely connect to each other and to the Enersys global network via the company’s VPN.

Microsoft’s Outlook Anywhere was also deployed – providing staff with secure and reliable access to vital business services while at home or on the road.

Now operational, Enersys’ new managed platform is serviced by a Brennan IT Ultimate Care agreement – delivering 24/7 support with proactive monitoring, ensuring that the services deployed meet stringent SLAs.

The Results

Put simply, Debbie Vivian says that the number one benefit of the Brennan IT solution is that “it works”.

“The uptime of the system has been incredible,” Vivian says. “Everything has worked as promised and it’s been very, very reliable.”

When it comes to providing support, Vivian reports that Enersys has found Brennan IT to be very responsive – able to quickly follow up and resolve issues even on the rare occasions when Enersys’ dedicated account manager has been away.

“Brennan IT have gone the extra mile,” she says. “Our Technical Consultant has consistently looked after our needs, going so far as to participate in midnight calls to the Enersys global VPN engineers in the UK.”

Another important benefit of Brennan IT’s services is the single point of responsibility and control.

Vivian also points to the business benefits of 24/7 support. “As a subsidiary in a global operation, we often work non-standard hours. The ability to have issues addressed on weekends or in the middle of the night means that we’re always open for business when we need to be.”

Asked whether she would recommend Brennan IT to others, Vivian says, “Absolutely. The Brennan IT team do an excellent job. Their advice has been valuable, their services are reliable, and issues are always dealt with. We continue to be very happy with everything they provide.”

Vivian adds that Enersys is currently considering adding Brennan IT VOIP services to their communications platform.

“Partnering with Brennan IT gives us peace of mind that our ICT systems will keep pace with our needs as we grow,” she concludes.

You can learn more about Enersys here.

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