Included in this report are the details of hardware and software that have or are soon to reach the manufacturers End of Life date.

At Brennan IT, we consider a technology’s End of Life to be when the manufacturer states it to be. As well as presenting a potentially serious security risk, if you choose to continue to run technology beyond it being sunsetted it could affect our SLAs and you could incur additional costs related to servicing, supporting and remedying any problem caused by a failure of the technology.

Download our End-of-Life June 2019 Update to learn more about:

  • ISDN decommissioning
  • Windows 10 v.1709 End of Life
  • Windows 7 Extended Support End of Life
  • Windows Server 2008 Extended Support End of Life

Want to know more?

We strongly advise any customer (or external organisation) running any of the listed technologies to speak to their account or service manager to discuss their options and plan their migration before the deadlines or to contact us via: