Cloud computing is entering an important new phase.

Instead of organisations being presented three essential flavours – public, hybrid and on-premise – there are now choices across each of these options to suit specific business needs.

For example, security and compliance requirements can be greatly different between organisations, and require careful planning and decision-making as to what information is too sensitive to have in the public cloud, and what regulations apply when it comes to data integrity and protection.

Likewise, the readiness and appetite for big capital expenditure varies greatly across the business world, while no two businesses have the same cycles and needs around day-to-day financial management.

More than ever, these subtle differences must inform technology decision-making, while they also highlight the need for greater flexibility, transparency and more accurate analysis across business systems and processes.

Hewlett-Packard is at the vanguard of this new cloud era, recently resurrecting the best of its popular ‘FlexCap’ group of solutions under the new name of ‘GreenLake’ suite of cloud systems and solutions – allowing customers to create tailored, bespoke IT architectures while paying only for what they actually use.

GreenLake replaces large Capex outlays with a monthly invoice that is calculated based on consumed storage or consumed compute (depending on what the hardware is) that is contracted over an agreed term, say three or five years. Upon expiry, the hardware can be bought out or refreshed and a new contract started.

Customers also have the choice of ‘pre-configured’ or ‘modular’ solutions.

  • Pre-configured, end-to-end HPE GreenLake Solutions can be deployed faster than most, enabling customers to be quickly up and running with Apache Hadoop, backup, edge compute, open source database platform, and SAP HANA.
  • Organisations requiring greater flexibility can instead opt for Modular HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity solutions – which offer various tech infrastructure containers, spanning Microsoft Azure Stack, storage, VMs, high performance computing (HPC), or other technologies from HPE.

HPE GreenLake has five core pillars allowing organisations to access the most powerful enterprise-grade capabilities quickly, easily and for costs that can even undercut those associated with traditional cloud services. They also help to ensure organisations don’t suffer from platform ‘lock-in’.

HPE GreenLake Core Pillars

  1. HPE GreenLake Big Data allows data scientists to get right to work with a plug-and-play Hadoop data lake that is pre-integrated and tested on the latest HPE technology, the Enterprise Hadoop architecture, using Cloudera or Hortonworks.
  2. HPE GreenLake Backup delivers on-premises backup capacity that is operated for your organisation, charged according to how much data you backup in any given month.
  3. HPE GreenLake Database with EDB Postgres simplifies operations and reduces substantially reduce TCO for your entire database platform with a solution that enables you to truly focus on applications and data insights.
  4. HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA offers a fully managed, on-premises appliance with the right-sized SAP- certified hardware, operating system, and services to meet workload performance and availability objectives.
  5. HPE GreenLake Edge Compute helps ensure organisations extract insights and gain control where they build their products and services. Securely connect, process what is relevant where it’s needed, and take informed action quickly

GreenLake: Forrester-approved

Tech industry analysts, Forrester were commissioned recently to conduct a study looking at the business benefits accrued to organisations that have deployed solutions from the GreenLake suite.

The company conducted detailed interviews and analysis of five organisations operating in the US and Europe, within five distinct industries:

  • Online retail
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Business consultancy firm
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing

The study found that HPE GreenLake helped slash professional services / contractor costs by up to 90%, while the time-to-market for deploying large scale global projects reduced by 65%.

Even more compelling, the productivity of IT resources increased 40% and at the same time as Capex spending fell 30%.

Meanwhile customers have immediate access to the latest technologies while enjoying the benefits of centralised dashboards to improve transparency and monitoring, leading in-turn to fewer outages, minimal disruption and a reduced loss of productivity.

Brennan IT has been at the forefront of technology innovation in Australia for 20 years and is ready to start the conversation about how to transform your IT into a powerhouse for your operations with HP’s GreenLake, by adopting a hybrid model, or through helping you to adopt a complete cloud environment – we’ll find the right mix for your needs.