It’s no surprise – or secret – that digital transformation is a key priority for IT decision-makers. What’s less understood is the fundamental issue with digital transformation that is misguiding the industry.

Organisations, in the rush to embrace digital transformation, are overlooking its original intensions because they’re receiving bad (shortcut) advice from the wrong crowd.

Long-term partnership, impartiality, and an understanding of your complete ICT environment = service transformation

Managed Service Providers that can service every aspect of your IT and telecoms needs, like Brennan IT, are uniquely capable of providing support here. Of course, we would say that, but here’s why we’re not wrong…

It’s the whole-of-business approach and customer-centricity that separates the good from the ugly in managed services, and it’s no different when we’re talking about digital transformation.

Good MSPs offer services that span each phase of your ICT environment, which necessitates only working with one partner to deliver on all of these needs. This creates economies of scale and a visibility and accountability somewhat unprecedented in the complex technology stacks common to the industry today.

There’s no overlapping priorities, just the right solutions crafted on multi-modal expertise to fit your needs as closely as the technology will allow.

Large Managed Service Providers aren’t immune to red tape roadblocks, are slow, and can often be guilty of taking their customers for granted. They also frequently push technology vendors based on preference deals or slim expertise areas.

What results is companies engaging MSPs on the promise of digital transformation and it instead falls flat – merely digitising the analogue, or worse.

Service transformation is what can truly be achieved (and what the goal should always have been) when we cease thinking of technology as the solution – it’s only the enabler of the exemplary customer service or workforce support that our organisations need to offer.

The pitfalls of limiting your organisation’s vision to digital transformation alone:

  1. Digital transformation means businesses are exposed to the mess of priorities competing for the top spotsourcing solutions from multiple providers, or becoming quickly overwhelmed by the individual pieces of massive technology stacks. This strategy is not only costly, but unattainable when aiming to hold each provider accountable when an issue arises.
  2. Australian businesses are still puzzling through how to plan for digital transformation and measure it accurately, not only in the short-term, but also understanding how to pivot the strategy to suit the ever-changing future of digital. Having the strategic expertise on your side with an MSP like Brennan IT ensures you have a team of advisors who’s core focus it is to stay one step ahead of the trends and keep you winning in digital. On the other hand, they’re also there to deal with the mundane or administrative items that so often tie-up IT teams that should instead be focusing on pioneering innovative digital transformation solutions.

Service transformation is the outcomes-focused approach Australian businesses need

The market is maturing and those a step ahead are starting to realise that digital transformation, while great, is an enabler of service transformation.

Service transformation is a whole-of-business approach involving the re-think of services and outcomes from a technology perspective. Brennan IT is a holistic provider with access to a broad skillset, in it for the long- term, delivering on every facet of what a business needs to meet customer and employee expectations.

If you’d like to learn how Brennan IT can help your business make the switch from digital transformation to whole-of-business service transformation, check out the many resources we have available online or contact Brennan IT today.


To read more on this, Brennan IT’s Chairman, Dave Stevens shared his thoughts on service transformation, which can be found at CIO.