With the Internet of Things (IoT) gaining traction in both the enterprise and the consumer world, it is now time for technology leaders to re-assess the best means of distribution.

In years gone by, IoT devices mostly relied on cloud for storage, management and computing needs in business.

Now, all of this is possible ‘at the edge’ via distributed edge computing.

But what is edge computing? As IDC explains it, ‘edge computing works like a mesh of micro-data centres that process or store data locally and transmits all received data to a central data centre or cloud storage repository.’

Here are some statistics on edge computing that may surprise you. In essence, we can expect edge computing to have huge repercussions in the way we operate networks heading into the new decade:

At Brennan IT, we understand that edge computing brings certain security concerns due to the complexities of incorporating security into IoT device design, so it’s a matter of putting further security measurements in place to prevent vulnerabilities in the network.

Brennan IT offers network security services for these exact reasons. Uncompromising protection at the edge is crucial to recognise the full benefits of edge computing which, when calibrated correctly, is actually highly-secure due to the reduced opportunities for data interception with shorter distance. This is because the further data has to travel along a network, the more vulnerable to interception it becomes. Edge computing reduces the distance data has to travel for processing, which means there are less opportunities for attackers to intercept it during transmission.

Any network security services must prioritise edge computing as IoT continues to dominate the enterprise landscape, as employees gain access to a greater number of devices and applications, and as threat perimeters expand.

Using Brennan IT’s next generation solutions, all of your network and cloud traffic passes through our consolidated, easily scalable firewall solution. We partner with the best in the business – Fortinet, a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Firewalls – for maximum threat protection at the edge.

Network security services in data centres and within your core networks provides your organisation with compliance, complete visibility, and end-to-end solutions that don’t leave gaps or vulnerabilities in the network’s security.

Edge computing represents the next frontier in Hybrid IT for businesses, but only those who are smart about their implementation will drive the most value.

If you are a business keen to recognise the benefits of edge computing, but have concerns about how to secure your network, get in touch with Brennan IT’s team today. You can read more about our network security services here.