Since Microsoft launched Teams, there’s been a growing trend within many organisations to incorporate it as their key collaboration space. But wait a second… wasn’t that what SharePoint Team sites was for?

One of the most common questions that we get asked is: ‘Which do we use? Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Team sites?’

The answer is: you don’t have to pick. In fact, due to the way that they can integrate and each operates, it may in fact be best to utilise them both depending on your requirements as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Team sites were created for different purposes.

What is Microsoft Teams?

In a nutshell, Teams is a suite of linked services created with just a click of a button.

Instead of having to create an inbox in Outlook to communicate or a SharePoint Team site to store documents individually, Teams does it all for you when you create a ‘Team’ (a group) within the platform. With proper planning and clear objectives, Microsoft Teams is a great tool to collaborate instantaneously and easily.

When to use Microsoft Teams:

  • To have conversations, discussions, organise meetings, have private chat and share files/knowledge, all in one place
  • For small group of people to quickly collaborate i.e. small project teams
  • When fluid communication is required regarding updates, daily tasks, sharing of related documents or links
  • To post announcements and have conversations with the team rather than using emails. You can use channels to discuss different topics.

When to use SharePoint Team sites:

  • When hardcore document governance is required (versioning, metadata classifications, doc templates, restricted libraries/documents)
  • Tool to store and manage controlled document that has a lifecycle
  • When you want to implement Document Management System i.e. policies and procedures
  • Have automated business processes on libraries and lists i.e. forms and workflows
  • To implement more structure to the content within a site
  • For more static content.

On another note, it is also important to know that currently, modern connected Team Sites created from Groups or Teams are not visible in the SharePoint Admin Centre. This can be retrieved using PowerShell. So, don’t panic if you don’t see them in the Admin Centre Site Collection list! This also applies to modern Team sites like Communication sites.

In summary, there is no right or wrong in using either or both. But from my experience, both are required to set up a complete collaboration space for any organisation.

If you want more help, then do get in contact with us – we can help you with all things Office and event set you up with Teams and SharePoint environments for you to drive collaboration and productivity.

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Team sites seem to have been created for the same purpose, so which should you be using? Teams or SharePoint?

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