A fully immersive experience that puts you in the driving seat

Microsoft’s Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) isn’t just another product demo where you sit and watch someone present slides and screenshots. Instead, it allows you to actively test-drive Microsoft technologies such as Office, Windows and Windows Phone, Lync and SharePoint.

So why should you come to a CIE, what are the benefits over a conventional showcase?

In the driver’s seat

The first advantage is how quickly you learn. You and your colleagues actively try out Microsoft’s collaboration tools, getting relevant, hands on experience. This is a much faster way to understand them than by reading about them.

Having experts on hand to guide you through helps you to you leapfrog the usual steep learning curve of new technology.

True-to-life roleplaying

A second key benefit is the realistic environment created. Microsoft says that the CIE is “not a generic demo about all the features Microsoft products offer.” Instead, it describes the CIE as a “facilitated hands-on environment”, a true-to-life user experience that takes you through common work-related scenarios.

The idea is to mimic your actual working environment as closely as possible, including the kinds of tasks you would need to collaborate on, and what tools are relevant for your business.

This can give you insight into new and more efficient processes, and better ways to manage project work and collaboration.

Faster implementation

A third plus point is speed. Having so many Microsoft experts in the room helps you evaluate products more quickly.

And because you and your colleagues have already tried and tested some of the ways that SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies can work for you, they will be much quicker to set up and get working if you do decide to choose them. Their features and capabilities are already familiar to you.

Above all, Microsoft strives to avoid any sales pressure, and instead make the CIE interactive, experiential, and fun.

For more information on Customer Immersion Experience, click here.

Brennan IT has CIE sessions available in NSW and Victoria, please contact us if you are interested.