Delivering on superior customer service for any business is the golden ticket to success. However, the historic way of ensuring exceptional customer service is no longer attainable through upskilling on-ground staff alone, nor can it be achieved through pouring cash into a huge technology stack and expecting ROI to start flooding in.

For organisations to really succeed, they must use the latest and greatest technologies in ways that make the most sense. And this is no easy feat.

Despite technology being the key to enabling IT success, Australian businesses are struggling to deploy and take full advantage of new technologies due to a chronic shortage of IT skills and resources, which is creating gaps in an organisation’s ability to fully deliver on innovative customer service.

But this shouldn’t scare organisations into defaulting to what’s commonly believed to be a quick fix – solutions from top-end-of-town vendors.

Vendors are not impartial

Technology vendors, like us all, are self-motivated to seek the best outcome for themselves.

It’s instinct for vendors to pinpoint the issues that people are facing that best suit their own sales pitch. And as you may predict, this inadvertently leaves an organisation’s critical issues unresolved when all is said and done.

Nowadays we’re seeing technologies and advances such as automation, artificial intelligence, hybrid cloud and SD-WAN come into play. While it’s important for business leaders to be aware of these emerging game changers, it’s not a priority for these same leaders to understand each and every aspect of the technology industry.

Instead, it’s vital for organisations to seek experts, who don’t have a hidden agenda or irresponsible intentions, to consult on the real business and IT issues they face each day. It’s also important for these unbiased opinions to work with you side-by-side to address customer service resolutions through technology, with the ability to select the right technology for you, whether that’s from one provider or another.

Why is impartiality so important to the MSP relationship?

For organisations looking to revamp strategies for customer service and whole of business transformation, getting unbiased advice is the perfect opportunity to quickly and effectively stitch together gaps. Addressing specific customer pain-points is where vendors seem to lack most, and this can have serious effects on the success of any business – especially in the sectors where customers are top priority, such as retail.

With the right technologies and systems in place, businesses can not only close gaps in customer service, but flourish with a newfound competitive edge, just like Forever New.

Why choose an MSP over multiple vendors?

It’s all too easy for disconnect to occur between systems when multiple vendors are involved. An MSP can be the perfect fit for your organisation to deliver true IT success – and here’s why.

  • Collaboration: MSPs are built on the necessity for both parties to build a long-term, connected and engaged partnership. Within the technology industry, business in never quite static, so it’s important to have an agile MSP who can be flexible and scale with individual businesses and be focused on your precise needs.
  • Consolidation: MSPs are comprised of one team with mixed skill-sets, embedded within your business and on the outset, and good ones are not tied to one or a handful of different technology providers. This means systems can be selected, connected, consolidated, and working cohesively to address your important IT issues of the day, month, or year.
  • Whole-of-business: Good MSPs offer a service that spans every facet of your entire IT environment. This means that you only need to work with a single partner to deliver on all of your needs. This creates economies of scale, efficiency savings and gives complete transparency – there are no overlapping priorities, they’re just focused on giving you the best service.
  • Not tied to one outcome: MSPs shouldn’t be tied to one particular technology vendor or solution. Yes, they will have a preference based on its abilities, but they should be flexible to be able to craft the right solution for you depending on your needs.
  • Multi-modal expertise: MSPs can free-up your time to deliver on the strategic projects that are going to deliver the most value to your organisation, or help you with them. The beauty of the relationship is that by employing one, you get access to a whole range of skills and expertise, who can help you with any part of your IT environment or projects.

Now’s the time to shift from multi-supplier solutions to end-to-end managed solutions and embrace all the benefits an MSP partnership can provide you.


If you’d like to reach new heights with IT success and deliver the superior service your customers deserve, get in touch with Brennan IT.