They say that everyone will have at least one great idea. And in the technological world we live in, many of us will have some amazing app ideas in our time. But not all of us are developers, and not all of us know how to produce or market an app. So what is the best way to turn your idea into something that will potentially make you money?

A very simple way is to use ‘App Village’. This website works very similarly to Kickstarter, which is a site where people submit projects that require funding, and visitors to the site can donate to their causes while reaping benefits (signed posters for funding a music video, a copy of the DVD for those funding a film, samples of the product).

App Village works by breaking people up into three categories – people with ideas, app makers and investors. If you have an idea for an app, you can submit the idea for $30. The idea is then reviewed by App Village, and if they think it might be successful, it moves to the next stage. The idea is then submitted to the App Village developers. This is the next group of people on the site – those that can build and develop the apps. Once the app is selected by a developer, it is launched on the site for funding. This is where the final group of people on the site come in; the investors. They trawl though the many apps up for development on the site, and can contribute to the funding. Every person in the puzzle- the person with the idea, the developer/s and the investor/s all earn royalties from a successful app.

But how can you be sure your idea is a good one? While originality is always helpful, it is not the most important thing. Rather, the key to a good app idea is making sure you are bringing at least one new element to an application, and ensuring that it’s something people will find useful. In other words, if you need it, quite a few others around you need it, and it doesn’t already exist, it’s likely to be a good idea.