Patch management on non-native Microsoft OS and Office applications is a significant challenge for many organisations. Without centralised management, end users can be left responsible for keeping third party applications up to date.

Ultimately, third-party applications demonstrate a widespread risk because they’re in widespread use. Between web browsers, their add-ons and industry specific software, there are thousands of non-Microsoft applications in use every single day.

In the age of bring your own device (BYOD), where businesses encourage people to take control of their own work flows, it is easy for IT admins to lose control over which applications are run on the network.

Industry statistics count two-thirds of all non-native (non-Microsoft) applications out of date, exposing the majority of these applications to vulnerabilities.

A study carried out by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) reported that 75% of attacks to a network use publicly known vulnerabilities in commercial software that could be prevented by regular patching.

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Top 4 – strategies to mitigate targeted cyber intrusions – detail that application patching is critical.[1]

While native Microsoft applications are usually updated automatically on a predefined schedule, most companies leave non-native patching as a reactive task that is defined by the end user.

Unfortunately, manual patching doesn’t give the broad visibility you need to find every application on the network, or the insight you need to prioritise your actions. It takes automated application scanning, real-time threat intelligence, and highly automated patching to keep your infrastructure secure.

These patch management systems are enterprise grade products, that carry a heavy price tag and require time dedicated to configuration and maintenance. At Brennan IT, we offer patch management on your third-party application as a Managed Service, on a fixed monthly cost.

We automate the software update process so that our clients have the most functional and upgraded version of their apps, as well as ensuring all patches have been applied correctly so customers’ environments aren’t vulnerable to attack.

By leveraging a multi-tenant environment, we can give every client the same enterprise-class centralised services at an affordable price, supported by a high level of service.

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