For the past decade, businesses have turned to digital transformation as the be-all and end-all solution to their competitive and future-proofing needs. With a belief that they would deliver out-of-the-box results, businesses rushed to stock up on as many software-as-a-service (SaaS) products in order to beat the competition, realising soon after that they would fail to deliver on their promised value.

In fact, 70% of digital transformation projects are not successful, which uncovers a difficult question business leaders must ask themselves: is my large SaaS technology stack achieving what it set out to?

What many business leaders may find hard to admit is that most of the time it doesn’t – something most vendors won’t tell you either.

Looking a step ahead of digital transformation

Many businesses have succumbed to the tunnel-visioned approach to digital transformation which has resulted in an expectation-versus-reality scenario.

The first mistake was framing digital transformation as a destination and thinking that technology was going to get us there. When, in reality, digital transformation is an ever-evolving journey that is geared towards business outcomes – or at least should be – and technology is merely an enabler to achieving these outcomes.

Second to that was the growing technology stacks that arose as a result of businesses rushing to digitally transform. These now colossal stacks have become a problem in of themselves, creating SaaS sprawl and a general lack of accountability among vendors and partners when something does go wrong, because there is no single source of truth.

Focus on transforming the customer experience

Brennan IT believes that businesses should focus on what is best for their customers before implementing any new technologies to their stack.

By focusing on service transformation rather than digital transformation, business leaders can shift their priorities to the desired outcome of their customers, rather than the means to achieving those outcomes. This mindset lends itself to the consideration of all possible options which a business can leverage to achieve this. Service Transformation is all about assessing each element of the customer experience and the technologies that deliver it. It’s a whole-of-business approach and requires a business to look at every aspect including the infrastructure, network, communications, security, and applications.

At first, this can appear to be an overwhelming prospect for most businesses, but it doesn’t have to be. Fortunately, independent whole-of-business Managed Services Providers (MSPs) like Brennan IT – that aren’t influenced by wider market trends – specialise in building out bespoke hybrid solutions that can support all your applications and solutions, as well as the processes and skill-sets needed to run them.

Working with an MSP like Brennan IT not only brings the benefit of having a partner who is invested in your business goals, but a partner who will streamline your IT network, cutting costs as a result. Brennan IT can also take care of any administrative and maintenance needs, ‘keeping the lights on’ in the background while your team focuses on innovations that improve both customer and employee experiences.

Our chairman, Dave Stevens, spoke with SkyNews about the importance of refocusing on customer outcomes last week.

If you’re a business looking for a partner you can trust to architect and manage a bespoke hybrid IT network, check out the many available resources we have online, or contact Brennan IT today.