Organisations are increasingly migrating their technology infrastructure to the cloud and adopting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

The principle reason for this often cited is about increasingly mobility, however, the move to cloud-based platforms does much more for an organisation than simply increasing access.

Cloud-based solutions and SaaS applications bring with them lots of benefits, such as:

1. Best-in-breed

SaaS solutions are highly-developed, high-end solutions. Through providing access to them through monthly pricing models, small and mid-market organisations are able to get access and utilise enterprise-class technologies, cheaply, enabling them to do things and improve service in ways not previously possible due to financial constraints.

2. Future-proof

With patching, updates and ongoing development, Cloud-based SaaS applications are always being worked on and improved. This means that, long into the future, you’ll have a system that keeps track with the market in terms of functionality and ability.

3. Grow with your organisation

Cloud-based SaaS services are able to scale almost infinitely. This means that you only need to pay for what you use, but have the ability to purchase more units, space, or however else a SaaS is priced, to enable your organisation to scale as and when it needs to, simply.

4. Easily integrate with anything

You don’t have to worry about special hardware, private networks and connectors, as if a SaaS has connectors and/or an open API, (not to mention the numerous already integrated services on the market that you can pick), you’ll be able to connect and integrate it to just about anything.

5. Lower upfront costs, reduced overheads and maintenance expenditure

Whether that’s staff, hardware or support costs, self-hosted solutions invariably cost more to manage and maintain. Not that, with the subscription nature, you pay-as-you-go and can end expenditure simply and quickly.

6. Support

Cloud-based solutions and application come with their own support staff. This means that you don’t have to waste time internally and have access to the best advice available at all times and don’t ah veto worry about hiring, training and retaining staff.

7. High adoption rates

Because SaaS solutions are delivered over the internet, the solutions are accessed through platforms and mediums familiar to the user, meaning that they’ll be spending less time getting used to the system initially and after every upgrade, meaning that they’ll spend more time using it.

8. Quicker to roll-out/reduced time-to-benefit

Cloud-based SaaS systems usually come with out-of-the-box functionality, pre-built integrations and ‘how-to’ support. This means that, save some time personalising and learning the systems, you’ll be up and running a lot quicker than if you had to build everything from scratch.

9. Secure

The perception that Cloud is more unsafe than on-site is a fallacy. Organisations that host their solutions themselves are able to invest a lot less in security than a dedicated, Cloud-based provider – it’s their whole business.

10. Mobile and multi-device compatibility

With mobile workforces or decentralised business models, you enable employees to undertake tasks in-the-field, on-the-go, or from wherever they’ve got an intranet connection.

Who does Cloud SaaS benefit?

  • Organisations: Through enabling employees to work anywhere on best-in-class technologies, you’ll able to increase productivity and increase efficiency, reducing the amount of time to undertake tasks and cutting down on lost hours due to travel. Also, by adopting Cloud-based systems, you’ll cut down on overheads and won’t have to sink capital into fixed, degrading assets. Not only that, you’ll be able to scale your adoption of technology without having to invest in additional staff.

  • Employees: They can undertake their roles from home, on-the-go or in-the-field. This means that they can work efficiently, tap into the central resources at any time, or leverage the wider support available. Through stream-lined processes, automation or even the adoption of technologies with inbuilt AI, they’ll do more, quicker and better.

  • Customers: There’s nothing more frustrating than when an organisation can’t fix problems when they first arise, have to wait for head office, or receive an un-personalised, poor customer experience from an organisation’s representative who doesn’t know you from Adam. Through providing anytime, anywhere access to all of the resources necessary for your employees to do their jobs or the ability to speak to an organisation in modern effective ways, your employees will be able to spend more time with your customers, follow smarter processes, give instant answers and improve interactions and service.

  • Finance-departments: Taking-out overheads, reducing expenditure, improving efficiency and productivity, and enhancing customer experiences – thereby leading to a reduction in churn and an increase in up-sell and news business opportunities – will all impact your bottom line and make your Finance teams very happy.

Brennan IT have a number of out-of-the-box Cloud-based SaaS solutions that are quick to deploy, easy-to-use and a cost-effective way to get you the intranet, CRM, Portal, or marketing automation solutions that you need – speak to us today to discover how we can get you up and running in no-time.