SharePoint is an effective solution for managers who wish to move towards a digitised method of internal communications. A customisable, integrated platform that – if implemented correctly – can revolutionise your organisational culture and improve the overall efficiency of your business.

Persist, persist, persist.

There is no denying that SharePoint can be a useful solution for many existing management and collaboration obstacles. However, like many newly implemented internal projects, they are not often readily accepted.

It’s necessary to persist through the inertia and encourage your employees to embrace an integrated SharePoint solution, you can expect massive changes in productivity, efficiency and innovation, and ultimately work as a more dynamic, informed and profitable organisation.

Management can often mistake intranets with slow adoption rates to be a failed project after making an effort to explain the solution and organise training activities to ensure every employee understands the purpose of the solution. This is not the case; poor adoption rates are just another part of the initial step towards change. Encouraging an entire organisation to adopt and integrate an intranet into their working process requires a sustained and persistent effort from management.

Based on the adoption rates of a solution, managers should keep track of the educational tactics that work, and modify their approach in order to improve the rate over time. Managing change within the workplace is often like breaking a habit; at first, an individual must realise that a change is necessary, then enforce a sustained effort to try and break the routine. Occasionally, their willpower may be challenged, and they might revert to their old habits for a short period, but with a continual and constant effort, habits can be broken, and more helpful ones can be formed to replace them.

The best way to introduce SharePoint into your environment is through a gradual, collaborative process where your users, managers and executives all have input into the overall deployment objectives and direction. Build a coalition that will communicate and share a visision and get people on board. Get HR involved, and develop a plan for increasing employee productivity.

Fostering an open, collaborative working environment: What can SharePoint do for your organisational culture?

In our digitised modern world, communication is constant; information changes quickly and if employees are not committed to staying informed, they will quickly fall behind on the status of tasks, their goals and their customers.

Social channels within an intranet allow for employees to communicate in real-time and minimises the time it takes to complete tasks and initiatives, which in turn creates a more achievable process for employees. Social intranets can also create a strong sense of teamwork. Knowing that the insights and support of colleagues is only a few clicks away can be comforting, and empowers employees to contribute; a 2011 study by Gagen MacDonald found that 58% of employees said they would rather be a part of an organisation that used a social intranet.

Communication essentially determines the performance of an organisation and is crucial to maintaining a healthy organisational culture. Without a variety of effective communication channels, an organisation would fail to function in our modern world. An effective intranet solution is the central hub for all internal communication; employees from different teams can come to share or source information, collaborate and get a feel for their organisation’s culture and values. Communication within all internal processes will ultimately determine the strength of your organisation’s values, satisfaction of staff and overall success.

SharePoint also offers all employees a platform to voice their opinions, contribute to projects, share their insights in group conversations, disseminate helpful information and spread organisational values. When staff feel like their opinion is valued during the decision-making process, they are more likely to contribute to organisational initiatives and goals, and feel more empowered to reach their own targets. An empowered workforce is a productive workforce – if your organisation works to create a welcoming virtual platform, employees will embrace this environment as a place for innovation and development.

The results from your intranet

By successfully implementing an intranet solution, your organisation will become dynamic and constantly connected. In altering the way your organisation interacts digitally, it becomes simple to establish a strong organisational culture, unify your workplace and experience an increase in productivity. This is not only beneficial from a profit perspective, but also creates a culture that employees want to be a part of; improving the quality of talent and retention within your organisation.

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