Day by day, the IT landscape becomes increasingly complex. It’s tricky for CIOs to navigate as they continue to face intense scrutiny to deliver on transformation.

To add to the pressure, the tenure of today’s Australian CIO has made a dramatic decrease to 3.4 years.

There’s never been a more fitting time for CIOs to partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Brennan IT, to leverage an experienced perspective of whole-of-business IT management.

While it’s clearly in a CIOs best interests to partner with an MSP, standing in the way could be a CIO’s perceived threat to their overall purpose and position at the company, with the perception that external technology experts would remove the need for a CIO to lead operations.

Arguably, we’re at a prime time for CIOs to tap into the right resources to support them in their missions to drive a successful digital quest to meet customer-based outcomes.

Failure to prepare for the future with a third-party expert, for the sake of self-preservation, will ultimately roadblock organisation-wide success.

There’s a greater opportunity for CIOs to prioritise innovation with the right partners

Innovation, a major driver of business success, must be led from the top-down, or it’s doomed to fail at the beginning. Importantly, it will enable CIOs to focus on service transformation, rather than just digital transformation.

‘Service transformation’ is the silver bullet because digital transformation as we know it is merely a means to an end. Long gone are the days when internal IT teams spend their days managing specific technology or everyday functions. They’re now required on the strategy side of technology, and for a CIO, managing these two frequently competing functions (administration versus strategic innovation) can be a heavy burden.

In saying that, digital transformation essentially happens to give CIOs newfound capacity to lead service transformation at the front-office, while the MSP works in the background to transform the back-office. But to successfully do this, MSPs need to be whole-of-business partners, using their pre-built transformative services.

Brennan IT has a specialised ICT Strategy and Roadmap Consulting Service, designed to help technology leaders deliver platforms for innovation. It aligns the functions of business and technology to deliver on customer-focused goals.

An insurance for CIOs against the skills shortage

The coming year – or even decade – will see a split in the pack, with wiser CIOs proactively seeking opportunities to prioritise digital and customer experiences.

The remit of any CIO is to enhance experiences, delegate high-end budgets and source a highly-skilled team of experts—however, CIOs are increasingly time poor because of their focus on day-to-day activity for their IT infrastructure.

Bringing together a team of experts is tougher now than ever before, with a dire IT skills shortage looming over Australian organisations. If not anything else, this warrants a partnership with external expertise like Brennan IT to mitigate risk of internal skills shortages and deliver on the innovation required to compete.

If you’d like to know more about how a MSP can empower your company and best support the CIO’s role, get in touch today.