current cloud usage

About 25% of Australian mid-size businesses use paid Cloud services.
Of which the top two Cloud use cases are for software and storage capacity.

Of those that did utilise cloud services, they found the following top four benefits:

Simplicity of deployment of Cloud-based solutions
Reduction in IT costs
Flexibility to either up-scale or down-scale services
Increased productivity
The most commonly reported factor that limited the use of paid cloud computing was...

Insufficient knowledge of cloud computing services.

To use or not to use Cloud doesn’t need to be a difficult decision. While there are many benefits in using Cloud Services, there are also reasons why some businesses might not. But Cloud does not need to be an all or nothing commitment. Consider Brennan IT’s Hybrid Approach.
By 2019, there will be a significant increase in Australian businesses using a Hybrid Architecture. We can show you how.

What is the Hybrid Approach?

It is giving businesses the ability to leverage their investment in existing on-premise IT infrastructure and have it integrate with Cloud technology. The key lies in understanding where your IT workloads perform best.

Which workloads should my business move to the Cloud?

Only after a thorough assessment of your infrastructure, IT strategy and business, can we determine which workloads deliver better performance, ROI and user satisfaction in the cloud. However we can offer you a high level view of where other businesses are investing their Cloud dollars.
Top business workloads in the Cloud or currently migrating to the Cloud:
Web apps/website
Application test/dev
CRM custom business apps
E-commerce and online tools
Business Analytics
Traits of Cloud friendly workloads:
Elastic workloads with variable traffic
Software development environment
Non-critical storage solutions
Test and pre-production systems
Batch processing jobs with low to medium security
Backup and restore solutions
Isolated workloads where latency isn’t an issue
Data intensive workloads