01 Nov 2017

The Voice Newsletter - November 2017



The November Edition / 2017  
Welcome to the
November edition
of The Voice!

Welcome to the November issue of the Voice. This month we take a look at the importance of culture when introducing new technologies to your business. Artificial intelligence is becoming a reality for driving growth in Australian businesses. We look at 8 ways to get you started on the journey to AI, and also discuss the impacts of adopting early. Also, watch the customer success video that we produced with The Property Council of Australia. We hope you find this issue of value.

Top 8 Artificial Intelligence projects to get you started

With so much information in the public domain about machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), companies can be forgiven for being like ‘deer’s-in-the-headlights’, unsure of what to do next.

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Digital Transformation:
Digital success means developing a culture club
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Can your company afford a data scientist?
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Early adopters of AI will leave laggards for dust
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Customer Story:
How Property Council got enterprise grade infrastructure
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In the NEWS:
How partners can service a ransomware hit market 
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