The art of strategic partnership

The art of strategic partnership

Strategic action hinges on strategic thinking. And in the latest episode of our Executive Insights series, Nick Sone, Brennan’s Chief Customer Officer, and Keith Dallinger, Head of Strategic Advisory, sit down to unpick the value of strategic partnerships.

In this episode, discover:

  • The growing pressures and emerging technologies driving strategic IT thinking.
  • Why every technology strategy should have the user at its heart.
  • How aligning pain points with business objectives can unlock technology opportunities.
  • Why constructive challenge is an integral ingredient in the most rewarding strategic partnerships.

Getting your head around HCD for better IT service delivery

Check out this recent iTnews article with our Head of Strategic Advisory, Keith Dallinger, as he discusses the concept of Human Centred Design (HCD) and how IT executives are adopting this concept when looking to transform their IT service delivery.

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