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Providing your employees with powerful, reliable and secure technology has never been more important. 

PC Fleet Management

From initial procurement to decommissioning your technology at its end of life, we’re here to help.

Our Services

Managing workplace technology across its entire lifecycle can be a significant drain on your IT team. We can take care of any aspect of the process on your behalf – whether it’s procuring the most suitable technology for your business, configuring and installing it on your premises, keeping it regularly updated and refreshed, implementing and monitoring your overall security, or managing devices – and their disposal or salvage – at their end of life.

Product catalogue

We offer a customised monthly report which keeps you up to date on any available equipment, at the best possible prices for your business.

Warehousing and inventory

Via our established warehouse and logistics network, we can provide flexible custom storage and delivery options.

Configuration services

Our full-service configuration centre can help get your devices up and running, fast, with all the specifics you need.

Disposal and buy-back

Don’t leave your old equipment gathering dust – let us securely mange the transition from old to new.

Asset management

See which assets and applications are under-utilised, are due for an end-of life refresh or are out-of-warranty with our fleet management tracking and reporting.

Installation and deployment

Once you’ve purchased new devices, we can get them delivered and installed on your behalf – with all the technical details taken care of.