Safeguard your data with Microsoft 365

Guard against unknown threats, protect against malicious links on the web, protect your company data on mobile devices, manage how users access company data remotely and much more.

Guard against threats

Advanced Threat Protection diagram

Guard against unknown threats with Advanced Threat Protection

Get extended protection against unknown threats from spam, malware, viruses, phishing attempts, and malicious links through a set of security features called Advanced Threat Protection


Secure business data

Pin proteciton on mobile device

Protect your company data on personal mobile devices

Secure your business data on employees’ personal devices through a series of security policies—such as requiring PIN access to view company data like email on personal devices—reducing the risk of non-employees intentionally or unintentionally accessing your business data.


Secure your devices

Protecting work files on mobile devices

Protect work files when devices are lost or stolen

Through simple toggle options, these settings help protect your company data if a user’s mobile device is lost or stolen.