Email Security

A 2017 Mimecast Email Security Risk Report1 found that 22% of all emails inspected were not deemed safe, catching dangerous file types such as malware and impersonation attacks. It is widely accepted that 91% of hacking attacks begin with email, specifically spearfishing.

Prevention is better than cure

The cost of mopping up after a breach in email security is huge. You can avoid the costs – both real and reputational – by implementing proven and managed email protection & email security solution that defends your business against spam, phishing and virus-laden emails.

Brennan IT’s email security service uses Mimecast to deliver a best in class solution. It filters Exchange, Office 365 and Google Apps; and detects ransomware attacks, impersonation and CxO fraud, zero-day attacks and over 99% of spam resulting in a secure email. The system quarantines or discards threats to ensure complete security and productivity.

We solve the critical email security challenges facing business today, including:

  • Targeted threat protection from: malicious URLs and attachments, impersonation attacks and internal email threats, spam and multi-layered malware
  • Secure email messaging and encryption of sensitive information
  • Data leak prevention
  • Secure large file sharing of up to 2GB
  • Advanced email signature and disclaimer management
  • Self-serve graymail and digest reports and end user access

With Brennan IT's secure email service, enjoy complete peace of mind that your email systems are secure and safeguarded against all the threats thrown at it.


Benefits to your business

Visibility and control

Delivered as a 100% cloud-based service, Brennan IT’s email security service provides the latest email protection without the complexity. You get complete visibility into your email systems and security threats, and control over actions taken.


With our email security service in place, system performance is enhanced and, as a result, productivity is given a measurable boost. Inboxes are de-cluttered and there are less calls to your service desk for email-related issues.


Brennan IT’s email protection security service will help you comply with regulations relevant to your industry. We will protect your corporate information and the reputation of your brand.


Talk to an expert

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