Private IP

Innovative technologies can help you reinvent business processes and perform at your peak but if your network isn’t up to the task, that’s a problem. We offer a Private IP Network that lets you respond to opportunities, adapt to change, and drive business results.

A secure and scalable network solution that grows with your business

How does it work?

Networking your sites around Australia and the world enables your workforce to operate more efficiently and consistently. Private IP networking delivers a highly scalable, secure and flexible wide area network (WAN) integrating all your business locations as well as direct internet access.

How can it be used?

A typical Private IP networking client would have a head office, several business locations (such as stores) and a mobile workforce. Users at all sites share common desktop applications, network storage drives, collaborate online, receive network support and access the internet according to centrally defined security policies. All sites are connected into the Brennan IT core data network via a range of access methods . When end users are visiting clients or working from home they connect back into their private network using mobile broadband or home broadband connections.

Secure access through Private IP Internet

Private IP Internet injects secured business internet access to all sites across your Private IP network, reducing dependence on any single site.

It is injected into the cloud of your Private IP network via a fully managed carrier-grade firewall, delivering a business grade and secure internet browsing experience. This method reduces the dependency on any single site for internet access, eliminating potential bottlenecks and decreasing the chance of a widespread outage.


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