SD-WAN, MPLS & Hybrid Network

Our Hybrid Network solution provide you with a fully-managed, optimised and secure end-to-end Hybrid Network that not only improves your network’s performance, but your Hybrid Infrastructure and employees’ experience, too.

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Brennan IT’s Hybrid Networking solutions operate at the leading-edge of network technology, facilitating and accelerating your wider Hybrid IT and transformation strategies.

Our solution can provide you with a fully-managed, optimised and secure end-to-end Hybrid Network that can link all of your sites across Australia and around the world through combining MPLS and internet connectivity with software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) technology.

Our Hybrid Networking approach ensures that you always have a fast, secure, and future-proofed complete networking solution that maximises your network connectivity options, increases, network resiliency, and allows you to drive business results, quickly.

What is Hybrid Networking?

We’ve been talking about ‘Hybrid IT’ for years and its effect has left our networking technologies lagging… until now.

A ‘Hybrid Networking’ model layers SD-WAN over the top of underlying MPLS, which is then integrated with low-cost broadband. This allows businesses to carve out their own bespoke networking solution that can not only meet their unique requirements, but provide exceptional performance, security and up-times by marrying the precise needs of your hybrid infrastructure and hybrid IT approach with your network.

Through adopting a Hybrid Networking strategy, organisations can have the predictable, low-packet loss, private, and reliable backbone provided by MPLS, whilst simultaneously benefiting from the advantages of aggregate bandwidth and reduced operational costs by using SD-WAN: discover how a Hybrid Networking approach can help you.

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What's in a Hybrid Network and how does it work?


Brennan IT owns, runs and maintains our own next generation core network built on best-in-class hardware and utilising Australia’s leading fibre providers, including Superloop, Telstra, and others. You can access our lightening-fast and secure MPLS network, utilising it to deliver cheap, high-bandwidth networking to your sites and offices where fibre can reach.


Internet Connectivity

Depending on whether you require high-speeds, mobility, symmetric download/uploads, or high availability; Brennan IT can provide each of your sites with the best connection to meet your needs. We’re not tied to one provider, so we can provide you with NBN Business, commercial fibre optic, and wireless ethernet and mobile broadband connections from Telstra, Optus, TPG, Vocus, and others. Discover more about our internet options.



Brennan IT has partnered with Fortinet and Cisco-Meraki to provide market-leading SD-WAN options that can be designed to fit every organisation. SD-WAN can provide you with access to your core networks wherever there is an internet connection, so whether you’re looking for the enhanced security and management options of a Fortinet SD-WAN or the flexibility of a Cisco-Meraki device, we’ll can provide you with a brilliant networking solution anywhere.


How does it work?

A typical organisation’s network topology would have a head office, several business locations, cloud servers through a service provider, perhaps a rack or two in a Data Centre, and a mobile connected workforce that can VPN in to their corporate network.

In order to create a Hybrid Network, we utilise both MPLS connections and SD-WAN internet tunnels that terminate on Brennan IT’s core network. The SD-WAN is centrally controlled, either by Fortinet or Cisco Meraki core devices in combination with their counterpart at the branch or ‘the edge’.

When in operation, applications that are best serviced directly over the internet, such as Office 365 email and other SaaS applications, can have their network traffic breakout directly to the internet.

No matter your needs and existing set-up, we will be able to provide you with the right solution, both of which need an SD-WAN gateway device on-site.