Business Internet

As a multi carrier vendor, we provide a range of industry leading business internet solutions.

Every business has a set of requirements.

Does your staff need to send large files, access critical applications and run online services such as video conferencing?

Our managed internet service provides a variety of access technologies including copper, fibre optics and wireless, with high speed uploads and downloads and the ability to distribute data to multiple sites. As a multi-carrier partner, we provide:


  • Access a fully managed business internet service with high speed and security, delivered via a variety of access methods to suit your needs – from running a large enterprise to a small business.
  • A range of industry leading internet solutions tailored specifically to your unique business internet requirements.
  • Proactive monitoring via our 24 x 7 x 365 Network Operations Centre who also identify and resolve issues.
  • Diverse connections into the internet backbone.

Internet Access Methods

In order to ensure the best from your internet connection, we provide a wide range of internet access methods that suit all business needs. Whether you require high speeds, mobility, symmetric download/uploads or high availability, our internet products provide the best for your business.


Access Method

What is it?

How can it be used?


The ability to connect to the internet wherever there is 3G broadband mobile network coverage. The 3G network has typical speeds of up to 4Mbps/1Mbps download/upload but can vary depending on signal strength. By the mobile workforce who need to be connected on a variety of devices and in a variety of locations.


Business ADSL is a standard, entry-level internet access over traditional copper phone lines. A great value internet access option for home office applications. Typical speeds are 6Mbps/0.5Mbps download/upload. Internet connectivity is delivered via the Brennan IT network connection directly into the Internet backbone and not shared with residential internet connections typically delivering the small business a better internet browsing experience. ADSL would typically be used for home offices, or very small sites that have low requirements for download/upload speeds. Examples could be small retail stores or warehouses with just one computer.


Business grade internet access over traditional copper phone lines. Benefit from symmetrical upload and download speeds. Speeds range from 1Mbps - 4Mbps symmetric. SHDSL would typically be used for offices with moderate requirements for download/upload speeds. This access technology is typically suitable for a small office with 2-8 computers on the local network.


Symmetric high speed, business grade internet access delivered over dedicated traditional copper phone lines. Speeds range from 4Mbps - 80Mbps symmetric. Mid-Band business Ethernet would typically be used for offices with 6-40 computers on the local network and benefit from symmetric download/upload speeds, reduced packet loss and low latency. This high-speed technology is delivered over dedicated copper lines so there is no need to build optic fibre infrastructure to your office location.

Fibre Optic Internet

Ultra high speed, symmetric business grade fiber optic internet access delivered over fibre optic cables. Speeds range from 1Mbps – 10Gbps symmetric. Fibre Optics would typically be used by businesses with high requirements for symmetric download/upload speeds, high availability as well as minimal packet loss and low latency. Fiber Optic Internet would typically be used by businesses that have 10+ end users and may also have needs to connect IT infrastructure on site to the internet or connect to applications hosted on the internet.

Fixed Wireless Ethernet

Fixed Wireless Ethernet is flexible data connection delivered by placing a small radio transmitter dish on the roof of your business premises. This transceiver connects directly to one of a network of base stations to deliver a high speed wireless connection. Through this connection, you can achieve high-speed and highly-availability business-grade internet or private network connectivity. Fixed Wireless Ethernet can be used to establish high-speed cost effective data connections where optic fibre connectivity is not a feasible option. This data access method can also be used as an effective business continuity solution to automatically take over when a primary data connection such as optic fibre suffers as outage. Fixed Wireless Ethernet is highly scalable, offering bandwidths from 1Mb/s all the way to 1000Mb/s. Coverage is available in most Australian metropolitan areas and large regional centres but is subject to feasibility.

National Broadband Network (NBN)

The NBN Australia is the first national wholesale-only network built in Australia. The aim is to bring high speed broadband and telephone services to all Australian businesses and residences, utilising fiber, fixed wireless and satellite technologies. The government plans for everyone to have access to the NBN within the next decade.

With the rise of the NBN, and connectivity via Brennan IT available for both Private IP and Business Internet connections, we can help ensure that you are making the most of the new fibre network that may be available for your business area

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