Hybrid IT Discovery Workshop

Let our team of experts design, deploy and manage a Hybrid IT solution that works for your business.

Success begins with a sound strategy

Today, it’s increasingly common for businesses to be operating with a complex IT environment; managing a very broad collection of on-premises and cloud-based resources. This can include everything from on-premises server infrastructure to cloud-based apps, telephony, end-user computing, networking devices.

In order to get the very most from your IT, it is important to recognise where each individual workload resides best. At Brennan IT we don’t believe everything belongs in the cloud. In actual fact, we’ve seen a large portion of our customer base prefer to keep some or all of their infrastructure on-premises.

Consistent experience

Regardless, Brennan IT offer a consistent experience in managing that environment – both on-premises and in the cloud. After working around cloud environments before it was even called cloud, we have developed a formula to assess workloads, application by application.

This formula considers the cost if an app is not running to its full potential. It looks at the business culture and financial requirements, technology opportunities and limitations. Security, as always, is the top of the list. Any assessment must take into account data sovereignty. This is an era of political change in many countries, and so there is a real comfort factor in keeping any sensitive or valuable data close to home – or in many cases, on-premises.

You will take away a detailed and comprehensive report, fully customised to your specific environment, with recommendations from our experts on how to maximise efficiency and productivity from your environment.

There is no hard-and-fast rule

Each business we work with has its unique vision, direction, and values. Typically, though, file and print servers remain on-premises, with large databases, intranet services and custom apps sitting in a private cloud. Websites, e-commerce and remote desktops may lead towards options like Microsoft Azure, although this is very much something to take on a case-by-case basis.

When buying an on-premises Hybrid IT infrastructure, we recommend looking at where you can exploit the value of your existing technology investment. The key here is maximising value at every angle, and there is no need to waste perfectly good servers – rather, matching them to workload can be a rewarding effort.

The wrong choices, or uncontrolled cloud use, is inevitably hazardous for businesses. Slow apps, downtime, dealing with the legalities or compliance issues of foreign jurisdictions are not enjoyable for IT departments. As a Brennan IT client, you can take advantage of the Hybrid IT team’s offer of free Hybrid IT Discovery Workshops, where we assess workload with our custom formula, to help you on your way to a successful Hybrid IT strategy that suits your business.

  • Advise

    Our solution architects will assess your business requirements and ensure the right Hybrid IT solution, with the most effective configuration is chosen to meet your needs.

  • Implement

    When we design and implement your transition to your new environment, we'll use best practice tools and processes to minimise business risk, so that you can ensure peace of mind at every stage. As part of our service, we provide a dedicated project team and transitions manager who will provide you with a detailed step-by-step project plan.

  • Manage

    Spend less time and effort on maintenance tasks and maximise the benefits of your Hybrid IT solution by leveraging our team of cloud experts to maintain the security and day to day operations of your infrastructure. Also to give you added peace of mind and visibility on your investment, we'll provide you will analytics to gain insights into your new platform.

For more about Hybrid IT Discovery Workshops or to book your free feasibility testing, contact the Brennan IT experts.

What benefits does it bring to your business?

  • A true end-to-end approach

    We offer industry-leading architectures, best practice methodologies and expert solutions deployment with the added benefit of ongoing management and support capabilities for your environment.

  • Strategic planning for the future

    Our experts will help formulate your Hybrid IT strategy – including a business case for your decision-makers.

  • The right advice

    We’ll make sure your business takes full advantage of the Hybrid IT solution, to meet your business goals.

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