Managed Cloud Services

Transitioning your IT to the cloud requires very careful consideration. Do you need a public or private cloud, or a combination of both? Do you want to transition all of your applications to the cloud, or would you prefer to retain some on-premise applications? How will you minimise risk, maintain security, and manage it all on an ongoing basis?

Which service is right for you?

How do Managed Cloud Services Work?

With Brennan IT’s Managed Cloud Services, you get the best of both worlds: a unique combination of on-premise infrastructure and cloud-based services, to meet the specific needs of your workplace.

We work closely with you to determine your needs from the outset, and we recommend a managed service to suit your workplace. We can help you migrate your services to the cloud, at your pace, utilising our proven expertise to minimise risk and make the process as streamlined as possible.

Plus, as well as helping you configure your new infrastructure, we provide ongoing management and support, to ensure you get as much as possible from your solution, well into the future. This could include delivering an optimal experience for your end users, reducing your total cost of ownership, and giving you all-important flexibility and scalability.

Whether you are looking to enable a mobile workforce, find innovative ways to transform your IT environment or achieve compliance, whatever your business goals,  our Managed Cloud Services can help you reach them sooner with choice, control and confidence.


What Types of Services are Ideally Suited to the Cloud?

Only after a thorough assessment of your infrastructure, IT strategy and business can we determine which solution is right for you, and which of your workloads are ideally suited to a cloud-based environment. Based on our experience, these typically include: 

  • Email
  • Web apps/website
  • Application test/dev
  • CRM custom business applications
  • E-Commerce and online tools
  • Business analytics
  • ERP

When determining if a workload should be transitioned to the cloud, we ask:

  • Does it have an elastic workload with variable traffic?
  • What is the software development environment?
  • Do you have non-critical storage?
  • What test and pre-production systems are available?
  • Do you have batch processing of jobs with low to medium security?
  • What backup and restore solutions do you have?
  • Do you have isolated workloads where latency isn’t an issue?
  • Are your workloads data intensive?

Why choose Brennan IT?

When you choose Brennan IT, you’re choosing a partner with vast experience providing secure cloud solutions to Australian mid-market businesses. We can add value to your business by providing:

Experience and Expertise

As an early pioneer in cloud computing, we’ve helped hundreds of Australia’s brands implement sustainable cloud solutions that provide competitive edge, whilst supporting their business plans. This means you can migrate to the cloud securely, with minimal risk and fixed, low-price costs. As well as ongoing advice, we also provide 24/7 expert support, and you can tap into the knowledge of our dedicated cloud and service delivery team, around the clock.

Security and Availability

With some of the highest accreditations in Australia (ISO27001:2006), our data centres offer exceptional physical and virtual security. Highly available, highly redundant, scalable and secure, our application hosting platform is built on leading enterprise technology with an availability SLA of 99.95%. The Brennan IT cloud is also built on premium kit and hosted behind multiple layers of security. Your data is kept locally within Australia in our tier 3 data centres – just another reason why we’re trusted by some of Australia's largest financial and legal companies.

Affordability and Flexibility

At Brennan IT, we deliver value that other providers can’t offer. We offer capability in our cloud, public cloud, and on-premise, and provide seamless and consistent service experience around all elements. Our terms and solutions are flexible and as well as being expertly managed, your solution will be entirely configured to your needs.