Pre-paid IT Support Services

Full access to the complete range of Brennan IT specialist teams, without the commitment of a fixed-term contract.

Prepare for anything with a Prepaid Multi-Pack

Enjoy the flexibility of a qualified, professional IT workforce, without the commitment of contracts or the hassle of the recruitment process. Use our Prepaid Multi-Packs to enhance your own team’s capabilities, whether you need more hands on a complex project, find yourself a few people short, or simply require a regular 3rd party health check on your infrastructure.

Protect your budget with this great bonus offer

Purchase a Prepaid Multi-Pack before 1st November 2018 and receive 10% of the hours free. No need to specify the service, the resources or the delivery window in advance - it’s your 'get-out-of-IT-jail-free' card. Just activate within 12 months of purchase and you’ll lock in a bonus 10% extra value.

How does it work? Any way you want.

Our prepaid bundles let you to control the way you engage our team, in increments of 10, 25, 50 and 100 hours, completely adjustable to your own needs. You’ll enjoy the assurance of an assigned Senior Consultant, with a Primary and a Secondary engineer, to ensure all our support team understand your business and your operating environment from the get-go.

  • Around the clock, no-contract support, with a 24/7 Service Desk.
  • Full access to the complete range of Brennan IT's specialist teams, from cloud and server support to networking and unified communications.
  • Rely on us as your complete standalone IT team or inject our fully tailored services, as and when you need.

Experience and Expertise

With over 20 years’ experience, we’ve helped thousands of Australia’s brands implement sustainable IT solutions that provide the competitive edge. With the flexibility of our Prepaid Multi-Packs, you can tap into the knowledge over 250 technical experts and specialists, around the clock.