ICT Strategy and Roadmap Consulting Services

A robust Strategy and technology roadmaps deliver “platforms” for innovation.  But to create these engines of business growth, technology and business functions need to be aligned.

Delivering Strategic advice and guidance in a fast past modern ICT landscape.

Business today consumes multiple technology streams by different departments often without end to end planning or flexibility forcing businesses to stay on legacy or under-performing systems. Innovation and digital disruption require a quick response; the ability to change direction with shifting operating models and leverage modern trends to gain a competitive advantage.

The impact of an ICT Strategy is both driving innovation and disruption and ensuring the control of costs to the business. By evaluating the landscape, consolidating and re-imagining areas that may currently be overlapping, outdated or no longer required the Strategy can ensure a better ROI on spend and a clear path forward reducing missteps along the way. A poorly implemented or no strategy at all will lead to significant time and money wasted, cycle time lags and loss of productivity.

A robust Strategy and technology roadmaps deliver “platforms” for innovation.  But to create these engines of business growth, technology and business functions need to be aligned.

We help you achieve this through our ICT Strategy and Roadmap services. Think of it as having a CIO who can help:

  • you become lean and ensure you are using best of stack technologies fit for purpose
  • align your IT to your business needs and plan for the future
  • streamline and simplify your internal systems.

Questions that keep you awake at night:

  • What are highest priority needs of our customers – both today and in the future?
  • How do we ensure our staff are working on the right things at the right time?
  • What “technology stacks” will generate the greatest value – in a way that directly supports our business priorities?
  • What new technology initiatives should we start, and what must we focus our effort on first?

For many businesses we speak to the first time, discussions of “collaboration” are often dismissed as “soft” or “like to have” agenda times.  In reality, “the soft stuff is actually the hard stuff” – and in many cases is an overlooked critical success factor.

Our service, your personal ‘CIO’ will deliver a robust roadmap of technology stacks, projects, and resource planning for recommendation. Our approach includes stakeholder engagement in a collaborative process that defines the commonalities, tackles the tough conversations, creates resource and financial efficiencies and accelerates time-to-market.

What can Brennan IT can do for you?

The output from the strategy sessions will be an ICT Strategy document followed by an ICT Roadmap, these are both fluid documents and collaborative in the approach with annual or bi-annual updates to ensure you are across the latest business developments and trends appropriate for your business to leverage.

The Strategy document 

Provides the “Vision” for the next several years (in-line with your Business strategy) pathing the way for future technologies to be introduced based on the strategy approach.

The Roadmap document

Provides the “as is” landscape, then a “to be” which is a high-level technology list, why particular technologies are recommended, any risks around introducing these and of course an expected timeline for implementing these technologies.

Education sessions

  • Collaborative sessions for understanding of your business strategy
  • Online surveys of your staff to gain further inside into “What is keeping you up at night” and pain points
  • Education and learning of the latest technology trends in the market that can be adopted

ICT Strategy document

  • Defining business capabilities and initiatives
  • Development of guiding Architecture principles and outcomes that align to the business strategy

ICT Roadmap document

  • Development of an ICT Roadmap (high level technologies)
  • Establishment of timeline
  • Identifying risks and concerns


Offered through our highly skilled Project, Managed Services and Solution Architect teams, we will provide:

  • Design documents (for solution implementation)
  • Cost models of any technologies to be used (for internal business cases)
  • Ongoing refinement of the ICT Strategy and Roadmap (As they are fluid documents)


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