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Small and midsized companies must protect against disruption with fewer resources

When you analyse the root causes of cyber security events, most originate from either web or email activity and are the result of some combination of malicious intent, human error and technological failure.

Many of our clients ask – How do I develop the cyber resilience I know I need?

At Brennan IT we believe that when implementing a cyber resilience solution, it must fit in seamlessly with a cloud-based infrastructure such as Office 365 and be ready to expand with a growing organisation. Your solution must be flexible, empowering you to be agile in your ability to defend or, if necessary, recover.

It must be able to quickly adapt to an everchanging threat landscape as well as regulatory and compliance changes. And it must be cost effective, offering protection that keeps your productivity from missing a beat.

To learn more about how Mimecast’s security solutions can help protect your business, visit our website, or contact Brennan IT to speak with one of our Software Security Specialists.

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Think Beyond. Move from Perimeter Email Security to Pervasive Email Security.

Hear from leading Cyber Security experts on how technology advancements whilst enhance many aspects of our lives, there is a real need to be aware of increased threats, the disruptions that can be caused and how with more connectivity we are now interdependent when it comes to dealing with and being ready for today’s threats.

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