Technical Overview of Video surveillance solution with HPE Apollo 4000

Digital video surveillance is an integral part of any organization’s security plan, helping maintain public safety at arenas, transportation centers, and throughout cities. Video surveillance helps maintain safe and secure public and private facilities, monitoring designated areas for any activity or behavior that is out of place. Incoming video streams can be fed into value-add, automated video analytics providing extended security through access control monitoring, facial recognition, and license plate recognition.

The video management solution must be paired with a storage system that delivers performance, security, availability, and scalability. Live video data is an asset that needs to be protected and properly managed throughout its lifecycle. It is critical that live video streams be recoded quickly and accurately without data loss. Stored video surveillance data can provide valuable evidentiary documentation to security, regulatory, and law enforcement agencies. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Apollo 4000 Systems with Scality RING Scalable Storage provides the balanced performance, the scale-out capacity, and the high availability and security demanded from a video management solution.

Who should read this eBook?

  • Solution architects, project managers, storage administrators, and system support personnel involved in planning, designing, and configuring a video surveillance management solution.

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