Australia’s manufacturing sector is diverse, thriving, and contributing $100bn to Australia’s GDP annually.

Like many sectors, however, new digital technologies are putting increasing amounts of pressure on organisations to do more for less, as competitors both home and abroad become more competitive through utilising the efficiencies that they can provide to bring down costs.

This eBook will look at the 4-step approach that Australian manufacturers can follow to help them to explore, plan and execute their own digital transformation.

What’s inside ‘Driving successful digital transformation in the manufacturing sector’?

  • How Australian manufacturers identify new selling strategies, channels and audiences
  • Explanation of the 4-step digital transformation process designed especially for the manufacturing sector
  • A look at the best place to get started.

Who should read this eBook?

  • Business leaders in the manufacturing sector
  • IT and change managers looking for advice on where and how to begin their digital transformation.