IT teams are charged with more than ever and the way that they manage this workload, as well as where their focus is, needs to change and fast.

This survey report examines in detail how IT departments in Australia are handling the pressure, what their current operational models look like, as well as what the role their Managed Services Providers need to be playing in order for them to seize their biggest strategic opportunity yet: transformation.

Key findings from ‘The priorities, operational model and support structure of IT teams in Australian medium-sized organisations’:

  • Just 16% of survey respondents saw IT’s role as ‘Strategic’ within their Australian mid-market organisations
  • Most medium-sized organisations in Australia have small internal IT teams (1-to-3 people) and only 52% of IT work is done in-house
  • When leveraging external IT services, the primary reason for doing so it to ‘Access specialist skills & expertise’, an answer provided by 84% of respondents. The next closest answer, to ‘Fill internal resource gaps’, was stated by just 33% of the IT professionals surveyed
  • The top priorities for IT professionals during 2019 are ‘Managing security and business risk’ and ‘Implementing strategic initiatives’
  • The biggest challenges for IT departments are ‘Integrating new technologies’, ‘Budget’ and ‘Finding the right partners’
  • IT departments expect SaaS and IaaS providers’ share of their systems to grow significantly in the next 12 months, with SaaS seeing a 9% growth, and IaaS a whopping 20%.

The findings from this survey report and their implications for IT professionals are discussed in much greater detail in our free eBook ‘Defining the IT department’s new role and the future of Managed Services‘.

Who should read this eBook?

  • IT professionals who want to understand how other IT departments in medium-sized organisations in Australia are operating and what their major priorities and challenges are.
  • Business decision-makers who are interested in discovering the role that Managed Services Providers are playing within organisations and what more they should be doing.
  • Anyone interested in discovering how digital transformation is impact Australian medium-sized organisations and IT teams.

This survey report is an extract from our full report ‘The transforming role of IT in medium-sized Australian organisations’, which you can download here.

The Transforming role of IT in Australian Mid-Market Organisations