The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Hyperconverged Infrastructure has been thought of as a more expensive way of running things that simply putting things into the Cloud.

In this whitepaper, Evaluator Group compare HPE’s SimpliVity with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to establish whether there’s truth in the assumption and whether running on-premise applications is a viable alternative for most organisations.

What’s inside ‘Is Hyperconverged Infrastructure Cost-Competitive with the Cloud’?

  • An overview of what the ‘Cloud Assumption’ is and how the technology itself compares with Hyperconverged systems
  • An overview of AWS and HPE SimpliVity, and what they can offer an organisation
  • A detailed breakdown of how costs stack-up in the short, medium, and long-term.

Who should read this eBook?

  • Senior IT figures looking to benchmark costs of a Cloud and Hyperconverged approach
  • Organisation leaders seeking to understand the difference between the two platforms
  • IT managers wishing to create a business case for investment in hybrid technologies.