Technology is increasingly vital in enabling improved outcomes for both patients and health care service providers, and in no place is this seen more than in the context of home-based and community care.

With increased choice and the adoption of market-based models, brought about by deregulation, health care providers are having to compete commercially and facing the need to do more for less.

Through the clever use of technology, health care providers can increase front-line service levels, improve working environments and deliver on heady targets at a lower cost – find out just how this digital transformation can occur.


What’s inside ‘Technology and the Evolution of Australia’s Home-Based and Community Health Care Sector’?

  • A review of the current technology status within the sector
  • An exploration of what’s driving change in Australia
  • The 5 key ways that technology can make a difference to healthcare providers
  • Case study: how Wellways are working with Brennan IT to change their approach.

Who should read this eBook?

  • IT professionals working within the health care sector
  • Service provider senior management
  • Professionals interested in how digital transformation can improve front-line services.
eBook - 014 - The evolution of Australia's home-based and community Healthcare sector