Intranet Services

A modern, integrated social intranet could, in fact, be the key to unlocking better ways of working and create a positive, collaborative organisation culture.

To enable you, our Intranet services can help you to assess and optimise your current platform, undertake an upgrade, or design and implement a new system – we can even provide ongoing support through our ‘Admin-as-a-service’ offering.

Due to our unique 1-to-5 approach, you can pick the parts of the service programme that you need from us so that we can meet your precise needs and find the best-fit solution for your needs. See below!

Our Intranet services can enable your platform and integrated tools to be much more – crafting a modern social, collaborative and productivity-boosting solution.

  • SharePoint upgrades – We can help you to move to the newest platform and ensure that you take everything that’s important to your organisation with you.
  • Content/Server migrations – If you need to move content to your new environment or do a wholesale server transfer, then we can do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • eForm digitisation & workflow automation – We’ll help you to digitise paper forms and create integrations that trigger automated workflows to abolish the need for manual data input.
  • Document Management build – Cleaning up or creating a new files structure, and it’s associated integrations, is complicated and time-consuming: we can do it all for you!
  • Custom platform and application development – If you’ve specific needs or a custom-built environment, we can work with it and further develop it or individual apps to meet your specific needs.


1-to-5 Intranet services:

1. Identify objectives

We help you to understand each of your employee’s needs, pain-points and your existing platform before holding a best practice lens to it to help you to identify what needs improving if you’re to reach your goals.

2. Strategy & roadmap

We’ll design the strategic plan detailing the processes, platform and key stages that you’ll need to go through in order to meet your current and future needs (+ budget). The roadmap will feature quick-wins so that you can carry ongoing support for the project.

3. Deploy & personalise

At this stage we’ll craft and implement your intranet solution, linking it with your other platforms, and provide you with the tools necessary to continue its development into the future.

4. Upskill & adopt

We help you to fully adopt your new or updated intranet, with onboarding workshops, 1-on-1 tuition, and training to help users and administrators to make the most of your tool and keep it optimal into the future.

5. Managed service & support

A long-term partner who, we can be your intranet’s administrator and support team, providing you with day-to-day assistance via our ‘Admin-as-a-Service- offering, all for a low, single monthly fee.

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