Digital Workplace Services

Increasingly complex, multi-layered technology environments within our organisations call for a more robust, inclusive and complete set of integrated tools that are capable of harmonising people, processes and technology: a Digital Workplace.

A key step in any digital transformation project, our Digital Workplace services follow our 1-to-5 approach and can assist you with the implementation of a complete, integrated solution in the areas that you need it – always meeting your needs and pace to ensure project success and adoption.

With end-to-end project options, we can work with you to establish your needs, craft a roadmap, and then support you through development, optimisation and beyond to establish a best-in-breed Digital Workplace environment that will increase efficiencies, collaboration, and innovation.

We get to the heart of what you want to achieve with your platforms, people, processes and workflows; ensuring that no-one is left behind and your tools help, not hinder. Our Digital Workplace services provide your organisation with the tools and structures to thrive.

Our Digital Workplace services can enable your platform and integrated tools to be much more – crafting a modern social, collaborative and productivity-boosting solution.

  • SharePoint upgrades – We can help you to move to the newest platform and ensure that you take everything that’s important to your organisation with you.
  • Content/Server migrations – If you need to move content to your new environment or do a wholesale server transfer, then we can do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • Form digitisation & workflow automation – We’ll help you to digitise paper forms and create integrations that trigger automated workflows to abolish the need for manual data input.
  • Document Management build – Cleaning up or creating a new files structure, and it’s associated integrations, is complicated and time-consuming: we can do it all for you!
  • Custom platform and application development – If you’ve specific needs or a custom-built environment, we can work with it and further develop it or individual apps to meet your specific needs.

1-to-5 Digital Workplace services:

1. Understand & identify

Through primary investigations and interviews, we’ll help you to understand how your employee pain-points, existing platforms and processes are impacting your productivity. We’ll then show you how, using best practice and technology changes, you can create a complete Digital Workplace solution that will meet your long-term organisation’s goals.

2. Strategy & roadmap

We’ll design the long-term strategic plan, featuring key milestones, that will digitally transform your workplace. The plan will detail the changes needed to meet your current and future needs, any new technologies necessary, detail the quick-wins, and provide you with an accurate view as to budget necessary and timescales.

3. Deploy & personalise

Depending on the amount of work needed, through a single project or a multi-stage roll-out of various technologies, we’ll design, test, implement and integrate the tools needed to create the solution you need. This will include content migration and other secondary services as required.

4. Up-skill & adopt

A Digital Workplace is only effective if everyone is onboard and using it correctly. During this phase we’ll help you and your people to fully adopt the new tools and processes put in place, with onboarding workshops, 1-on-1 tuition, and ongoing training to help you to make the most of your tool.

5. Managed service

A long-term partner, we’ll work with you for the duration of the project and beyond, providing you with technical support and optimisation support – we can even be your Digital Workplace platform’s administrator; providing you with day-to-day assistance for a low, single monthly fee.

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