When it comes to digital transformation, will your manufacturing business surge ahead or lag behind?

Australia’s manufacturing sector is changing – and fast. The proliferation of new, cloud-based technology solutions, and ever-growing international competition, means your business needs to work harder, and smarter, to secure market share. To stay ahead, you need to find ways to secure and retain customers, streamline logistics, and drive efficiency across the supply chain. Most companies recognise that cloud computing is the direction they need to take. However, knowing where to start, or which solutions are right for your business, can be challenging.

If you’re thinking about moving some, or all, of your technology to the cloud, you need the right advice, and the right approach. At Brennan IT, we can help you transform your business in a way that’s appropriate for your size, sector, and level of technical capability. Working to a proven process, our expert team can help you assess your cloud readiness, define a workable vision and plan, and then help you adopt the cloud on a scale and timeframe that’s right for you.

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See how we helped Tieman Tankers revolutionise its supply chain

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Driving successful digital transformation in the manufacturing sector

Learn more about some of the unique challenges and opportunities for Australian manufacturers, and how Brennan IT can help identify new selling strategies, channels and audiences.

How we work with you: a four step process

Step 1:

We start every project by focusing, in detail, on understanding your unique environment and needs.

This includes examining your appetite for risk and for change; your growth and performance issues; the set-up of your infrastructure; and any current technology limitations. We also consider customer experience, employee engagement and supplier relationships.

Step 2:

Once we have determined your needs, we use our experience to help you enhance your company vision.

This could include looking at ways to generate new revenue, identifying crucial productivity or efficiency benefits, driving stronger client and supplier relationships, or developing more effective ways to attract and retain staff.

Step 3:

We then work closely with you to bring together the ‘now’ and the ‘vision’ in a fully customised IT roadmap.

This outlines the specific approach and technology that will best serve your business, and incorporates security and compliance readiness, technical readiness and cost readiness.

Step 4:

We then work with you to break your strategy down, and prioritise the roll-out of projects according to your individual needs and desired pace.

We also create a scope of work which translates into a project plan; mapping out deliverables and ensuring we adhere to strict success criteria.

Success Stories


What our clients say

Brennan IT are very responsive and cater for various circumstance of the customer company’s needs. They take the matter seriously and are genuine about finding a solution and an outcome.

Barry Greig, Chief Operating Officer, Tieman Tankers


Thanks to Brennan IT’s support and fixed service level agreement for response times we are able to have any technical issues resolved quickly and effectively.

Neil Verdal-Austin, Chief Financial Officer, SomnoMed


Brennan IT helped us to define our needs, and provided a roadmap for the IT upgrade. They also helped the business migrate to a new, cloud-based infrastructure with managed services across our IT environment.

Heather Cross, Chief Financial Officer, Priestley’s Gourmet Delights




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