Case Study

Tripleplay Services

When Tripleplay Services needed a streamlined process for making orders and 24/7 availability they turned to the Online Tech Store.

The Situation

Tripleplay Services has been a leader in visual services and digital media for over a decade. A truly global company, it maintains offices and representatives in the USA, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Turkey and the UK. Beyond those borders they also partner with local innovative thought leaders through its Authorized Partner Program in order to service even more markets.

A specialist in providing digital signage, IPTV, video on demand and mobile streaming, Tripleplay is also an expert in solving the unique challenges of a wide range of vertical industries; from providing entertainment and high quality communication services to miners in far-flung corners of the country, right through to helping venues and sporting arenas display crisp, clear information to patrons. Tripleplay Services has long developed a reputation for providing unparalleled visual experiences for the most hostile or challenging media environments.

The Challenge

When a business is working with a maritime company one week, and hospitality the next, it needs to have an adaptable fulfilment process and the ability to quickly source technology to create solutions that are often anything but commonplace. That demand for highly tailored products and services can at times make sourcing hardware a challenge, as it might not be an order that the typical supplier often receives. Or, when it has the stock in hand, the fulfilment process can be cumbersome and create delays in the supply chain that don’t sit well with an organisation that prides itself on the level of service that it provides its clients.

Tripleplay Services had been struggling to find a technology supplier that would allow it to make commitments to its clients and quote reliable turnaround times. Even after winning a tender, it was unable to commit to ordering timelines once the client had supplied an order.

“I work after hours as well, and it’s important for me to be able to place orders at any time, or during weekends,” Tripleplay Services Technical Director, Greg Bright, said.

“For me, it was a challenge to quickly process a purchase order when I would need to make one at odd hours.” With Tripleplay Services often finding itself in need of making multiple purchases per week, the regular slow-downs in the supply chain were having an impact on the ability for the company to deliver to multiple clients in a timely fashion, and this was in turn having an impact on the company’s bottom line.

The Benefits

Tripleplay Services was invited to be one of the first customers of Brennan IT’s online ordering portal; the Online Tech Store. The promise of a streamlined process for making orders and 24/7 availability encouraged Bright to give the service a try.

It quickly proved its value to him, and to this day Tripleplay Services has continued to use the Online Tech Store to make critical orders, for both its internal staff and external clients.

“I still create a purchase order for our own internal records, but the process of using the Online Tech Store doesn’t require I do one on that side,” Bright said. “As a result the process of getting a product ordered or a bundle put together is much quicker and more reliable. This in turn means it’s easier to get it sent out in time for the client. Speed is one of the best features of the store.”

The streamlined purchasing order process has helped the company in turn streamline its own sales process, while also reducing its response times. That lack of proverbial red tape has also helped the company reduce overheads. Now the company is able to provide reliable time frames for delivery when making quotes to clients.

It’s often said that the best test for a system is how it performs under an emergency, and here, too, the Online Tech Store was able to prove itself invaluable to Tripleplay Services. When the company found itself in urgent need of some specific technology, and unable to find it anywhere else, the support team on the Online Tech Store were able to come through and procure the technology, Bright added.

“A little before Christmas, we had a rough time with getting access to some specific technology for a client, and the Brennan IT team up in Newcastle really came through for us,” Bright said. “They were able to get hold of the servers that we couldn’t get from anyone else, and we were able to deliver them to our customer on time.”

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