Case Study

The Endeavour Foundation

The Endeavour Foundation put their networking infrastructure out to tender and decided that Brennan IT had the answer.

The Situation

Based in Brisbane – and with a presence at more than 200 locations across Australia – the Endeavour Foundation offers accommodation, training and jobs to over 4,000 Australians with a disability, in fields from manufacturing and education to community and corporate services.

As one of the largest non-government organisations in Australia, the foundation’s infrastructure needs are substantial. As Business Information Systems Manager Barry Sanders says, “Our ICT requirements are no different to those of any similarly sized business.” Indeed, Endeavour relies on its network to connect more than 1000 workstations at 30 major sites, with more than 150 minor sites also requiring connectivity.

Critically, Endeavour also relies on its IT infrastructure to support its vital fundraising activities, including its long-running lottery of prized Queensland properties.

The Challenge

Unfortunately for Endeavour, the foundation’s network wasn’t always up to the task, prompting the organisation to make a change. “A lot of unmanaged devices and old gear meant that sites within our business were too often going down,” says Sanders. “We also lacked insight into our traffic and bandwidth requirements at a time when we knew we needed higher capacities for data transmission and video conferencing.”

The Solution

The Endeavour Foundation decided to put its network infrastructure out to tender. “We invited applicants to overhaul both our WAN and LAN systems,” Sanders says.

Of the applicants who were shortlisted, Sanders says that Brennan IT stood out. “Brennan IT ticked all the boxes: theirs was a good solution, they had a local presence in Brisbane and the infrastructure to back up what they were promising. They also listened to what we were saying and aggressively tuned their proposal to our needs.”

Sanders says that Brennan IT demonstrated their resolve almost immediately. “Just as we were preparing to sign with Brennan IT, we lost our internet service without warning when our ISP’s business collapsed. As a result, our online lottery service was unable to sell tickets. We rang Brennan IT, who arranged for a wireless antenna to be installed the same night.”

Shortly thereafter, Brennan IT began to implement Endeavour’s new infrastructure solution, overhauling how the organisation was connected. Endeavour’s 30 primary locations across Queensland and New South Wales were connected by Private IP WAN (with another 50 locations soon added and a raft of ‘air cards’ rolled out connect smaller sites, including farms and other remote businesses).

Using Cisco equipment and managed devices, the system now delivers an organisation-wide solution, providing Endeavour and Barry Sanders with a comprehensive network dashboard showing the real-time status and performance of every link in the infrastructure and the network as a whole.

The Benefits

“Brennan IT’s solution has essentially doubled our network speed and capacity,” says Barry Sanders. “In turn, this has boosted our productivity, enabling us to send more data while extending our reach. It’s also put us in a position to roll out the new video, payroll and quality management systems – the tools we need to improve the performance of our operations.”

“Under Brennan IT’s watch, Endeavour’s network is now much more reliable,” Sanders adds, “With little downtime and no critical outages. Brennan IT’s support team is on hand 24/7, and the network dashboard is providing Endeavour with the insight it needs to plan for future developments.”

Better security has also been introduced. “With our systems needing to support everything from a lottery to the transmission of confidential client records,” says Sanders, “the fact that Private IP has simplified the security arrangements across the network is a real bonus.”

Asked what it’s been like to deal with Brennan IT, Sanders says that from the Account Manager to the executive team, Brennan IT are a “great, energetic bunch” with excellent technical skills and a consultative approach. The Foundation has also signed up for Brennan IT’s Disaster Recovery solution and now has plans to host additional services with Brennan IT.

“While we’re a not-for-profit, our success still requires commercial-grade solutions,” Sanders concludes. “I’d recommend Brennan IT to any organisation. They’ve really understood our needs and have gone out of their way to serve us.”

You can learn more about The Endeavour Foundation here.

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