Case Study

Paynter Dixon

Paynter Dixon’s management wanted to encourage a more mobile work culture and develop support for their staff off-site. Brennan IT devised a mobility solution that ticked these boxes and provided long-term cost-savings.

The Situation

Construction company Paynter Dixon has a long history of managing construction projects in the community, aged care, non-profit and government sectors. They’ve done so with the support of Brennan IT for more than four years.

When they moved premises from Ashfield to North Ryde, Paynter Dixon’s management team wanted to encourage a culture of mobility, and they partnered with Brennan IT to develop and implement a solution that would aid their on-site staff, reduce their capital expenditure and enable a better work-life balance for their employees in the office.

“We wanted to change the culture of the organisation to allow our staff to be more mobile, and to enable working from home,” says George Bounassif, IT Manager for Paynter Dixon.

The Solution

Working closely with Paynter Dixon to understand the needs of their business and employees, the Brennan IT project team devised and implemented a Citrix solution that deployed applications to Paynter Dixon’s staff wherever they were; in the office, on-site, on the road or working from home.

The solution means that Paynter Dixon’s on-site staff have access to all the necessary OHS compliance documents – a must in the compliance-heavy world of construction.

Before moving offices, Paynter Dixon trialled the Citrix system on 80 per cent of their in-office hardware, to iron out any issues with software compatibility and usability. When they moved to North Ryde, the system was rolled out to the remainder of their users, including those operating on building sites around the country.

Since a lot of documentation on-site is still hand-written, Brennan IT configured the Citrix solution to support a wide variety of printers and scanners.

The mobility solution has also seen uniform application versioning achieved throughout the company’s workforce, eliminating compatibility issues.

The Benefits

The benefits of the Brennan IT engineered Citrix solution to the Paynter Dixon staff working on building sites was immense. They were able to access all of the compliance and OHS forms and templates from their own servers quickly and easily, as well as the vital applications they used in the course of their day-to-day activities.

“The mobility solution has made life a lot easier for the guys on-site,” says Bounassif. “We have a mixture of ages and technical literacy levels, and this is a fast and reliable solution with the fewest possible moving parts.”

Where previously the company had to replicate their OHS compliance systems on each worksite, they’re now able to push their documents back to head office through the Citrix system.

Users can log in to their virtual desktop through any PC. The solution has centralised and simplified their IT systems, and brought significant cost-savings, with each desktop computer in their office converted into a Citrix terminal.

This means the overheads on hardware and licensing have been reduced or eliminated.

“In the past eighteen months, our expenditure on hardware has been basically zero,” says Bounassif. “The only hardware CAPEX I’ve made is replacing a couple of power supplies.”

“We’ve absolutely saved money on licensing costs as well,” he adds. “We have the peace of mind of being compliant with our Microsoft licensing requirements, and because licenses are transferred via group policy when someone leaves, we’re never paying for licenses we don’t use.”

The mobility solution provided by Brennan IT has also streamlined business processes with Paynter Dixon. Their OHS forms, timesheets, petty cash and expense forms are all scanned and emailed to the relevant departments immediately. The Citrix mobility solution is compliant with international standards for OHS and data quality, meaning they’re well-positioned for safety and data auditing.

Finally, the system is fully scalable in terms of adding future worksites, applications and users, and has been subject to capacity planning for the next several years.

“The Citrix solution provided by Brennan IT was the only way forward for us,” says Bounassif. “We’ll definitely engage Brennan IT for future projects.”

To find out more about Paynter Dixon Construction click here.

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