End-users are more tech-savvy and demanding than ever before, which makes managing your organisation’s access to platforms, applications and tools much more complicated. Your end-users want a simple, intuitive experience, expect to access and deploy the apps they need to do their jobs as easily as they do on their phone, and when it isn’t easy will buy and deploy apps that open your organisation up to security vulnerabilities – with technology so intertwined with every part of our working day, they simply won’t wait.

You need control of your desktop and server environment; devices need to be deployed in an hour, not days, and your environment needs to be secure, up-to-date and compliant – all whilst providing a seamless experience to your users.

Our Centralised IT Services are the answer. It automates the deployment of a standard operating environment (SOE), allowing you to manage your organisation’s applications and deploy comprehensive security updates to all end-point devices simply. Additionally, it makes reporting on them easy and allows you to track license and compliance measures.

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Brennan IT's Centralised IT Services

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