Managing to implement and run a successful intranet unlocks a multitude of benefits for your organisation. An effective intranet can not only simplify collaboration, communication, and promote a healthy company culture, it can also set you in a good position when it comes to digital transformation – creating a critical springboard for further narrower team, function, or technology-specific projects.

Intranet can equal digital transformation

Easily integrated and adoptable intranets should be part of the initial phases of any digital transformation project and are a key, cornerstone technology for wider organisational digitisation.

The rapid advancement of technology and its functions means intranets have evolved from a temperamental and inflexible solution into an invaluable tool for collaboration, productivity and innovation. To survive and thrive in the modern day digital climate, businesses must develop innovative ideas at great speed and embracing integrated intranet software will set you ahead of the game when it comes to digital transformation by automating tedious processes, providing a convergence points for separate yet related technologies, and creating a central repository for your organisation’s information and applications.

New digital processes bring about new ways of working together. An intranet solution promotes quicker adoption rates and reduces the learning curve for teams, which means your organisation can devote more time to improving their efficiency. Companies that actively work to maintain digital transformation within their internal framework enable rapid, real-time collaboration and promoting long-term success by facilitating innovation across every function.


Considering collaboration and innovation are co-dependent on one another, an intranet is critical to ensuring maximum efficiency within your organisation. An intranet can allow your team members to create spaces where they can share and manage information and work to achieve more together. Collaboration software that features things like threaded conversations, surveys, shared calendars and task lists can all make planning, decision-making or executing tasks quicker and easier.

An effective intranet allows specific team members to work on the same file in the same space, without overwriting the other’s work, improving productivity.

By choosing and adopting a new, modern, integrated intranet solution that allows you to organise, share and collaborate in a way that suits you, your newly super-organised and efficient teams can reach new heights.


An effectively integrated intranet allows an organisation access to the invaluable knowledge, insights, and talents of its employees.

Team meeting spaces often found within an intranet allows employees to house all of their agendas, notes, documents, lists, and updates in one central place. This minimises inaccuracies, time-consuming email threads and effectively keeping everyone informed about the tasks at hand.

Additionally, an intranet not only breaks down barriers between disparate teams, but also between senior leaders. In this way, management is easily able to establish clear leadership communications using multiple social channels within an intranet to better communicate with employees, as well as provide a space for two-way communications. In this way, a new intranet keeps people informed of important news and allows for information to flow more easily upwards, allowing managers to get insights and hear the views of people at the coalface that they wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to interact with, enabling them to make more informed future decisions and adjust plans.

Increased communication ultimately allows for your organisation to exchange information quicker and more efficiently, allowing more time to resolve issues with customers, make better decisions, close sales and reach new KPI’s and goals.

Increased profitability is a direct result of an efficient, proactive and informed organisation.


Having a central repository that virtually unifies disparate teams and their management helps employees to identify with their organisation and promotes a united community and culture. Through it, management is able to emphasise organisation messaging, values, culture and strategy across a multitude of channels, as well as provide a space to recognise hardworking and deserving employees.

Training resources can be built into your organisation’s social intranet, allowing complete access to a range of knowledge and materials crucial for employee development. If your employees feel that they are valued and their leaders are dedicated to investing in their knowledge through eLearning resources, client retention may increase.

Open, real-time discussions help build a strong company culture, allowing employees to feel confident and happy, and to reach beyond their expected roles. When there is a mutual respect between teams and between management, employees are able to work together dynamically, and resolve issues quickly and productively.

What are the next step for your intranet and digital transformation?

When managed and integrated properly, an intranet drives collaboration, communication culture and allows teams to work together seamlessly and achieve more, both on a daily basis and in the long-term. Learn how to implement a new intranet in 12 steps by downloading our free eBook, How to implement a new intranet in 12 steps.

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