What is an intranet? Technically, the intranet definition is a private, internal network within an organisation that should act as the main source of recent information, news and resources for all employees. However, that’s only part of the story…

It’s sole purpose is to digitise and integrate the internal framework of the organisation onto one central interface, allowing employees more time to focus on productive, innovative activities by increasing efficiency and facilitating collaboration.

Benefits of an Intranet

Visualise your organisation’s intranet as a library, accessible to everyone who attends your university.

Students visit the library to find all the information that they need in one place, rather than independently researching for hours to compile material that could be out-of-date, inaccurate or hard to find. The library works purposefully to provide students with easily accessible, credible information that’s useful and up-to-date.

In the welcome area of the library, there’s a noticeboard highlighting important upcoming events; term dates, exam periods, assessment deadlines and extra-curricular activities. The books within the library are separated into different genres so that students avoid wasting time trying to find the right book.

Students in the same class can come and use the same resources, there’s even an area in the library where academics and their classmates can meet to discuss ideas and share materials. Anyone with access to the university’s library can borrow books so that the information is accessible from anywhere outside the library. The library is a space for collaboration and independent work. It’s a great area that students can visit to get a feel for the university’s culture and community.

This is what your organisation’s intranet should be doing, making all of your important information easily accessible in one database; one of the clear benefits of an intranet is to help make everyone’s job easier.

By centralising all programs, upkeep costs are leveraged. This is one of the clear advantages of an intranet: your organisation no longer has to waste time looking for important dates or documents, instead employees can focus on the task at hand, increasing efficiency, productivity and working to offer their customers a greater quality of work.

A mobilised workforce means that employees will be able to better serve the demands of the modern customer, differentiating your service from your competitors, closing more sales and as a result, generating an increase in revenue.

How an intranet fits into digital transformation

In recent years, many organisations are taking the initiative to become digitised, specifically through their intranet. By automating their organisation’s processes and integrating disparate systems, organisations are seeing a notable improvement in their performance and profitability.

The rapid growth of email, social media, eCommerce and mobile apps has revolutionised the way in which organisations function, and has empowered and fuelled a transition towards a digital workforce. The Cloud has allowed for organisations to raise their standards when it comes to responsivity and agility, enabling a culture of innovation in our modern world.

Leadership are now considering how they can improve their internal efficiency by integrating technology into their organisation’s internal processes, prioritising it as a matter of life and death. Organisations leading the pack on digital transformation have long established that innovation is linked to transparency within their processes, collaboration and accessibility. Many organisations are actively working to transform their internal and client facing interactions into digital assets.

What is SharePoint, and how can Brennan IT help?

So, what is SharePoint used for? SharePoint is the world’s most popular intranet platform, used by over 78% of Fortune 500 companies. However, many organisations lack the knowledge, training, solutions, tools and experience necessary to leverage the strengths of SharePoint across the enterprise. As a result, there is a legacy of intranet projects that have been complex, long lasting, expensive and, at times, extremely painful experiences.

Brennan IT’s intranet services includes our Intranet Quick Start: An ‘out-of-the-box’ intranet full of functionality that’s quick to deploy and even quicker to adopt, immediately digitising and automating the mundane so that you can get on with what it is that you care about.

Want help making the business case for a new intranet? We’ve got a handy eBook that can help. Download: How to create the business case for a new intranet now.

Flexible and customisable intranet services enable medium-sized organisations to adopt the SharePoint platform without adding overheads and workload. Simply put: it makes having an up-to-date and relevant intranet easy whilst making the organisation that it serves more productive. Get in contact with us to find out more.