As the pace of technological change continues to accelerate, companies without extensive financial and/or in-house labour resources are turning increasingly to Managed Services Providers (MSPs) as the only real solution to maintaining their digital competency.

Our recent survey showed that the average IT team in an Australian medium-sized organisation (100-1,000 employees) was between one and three, and with such a range of tasks being asked of them, it’s no surprise that they’re having to increasingly reach-out for support.

anaged Services Providers typically consist of specialists that not only live and breathe technology but are members of a team that have battle-tested experience in working across different IT environments and who thrive at solving real business problems utilising their skills.

As the demands for IT security, new platforms, workforce flexibility and support, and enhanced networks continue to increase, along with faster business cycles and the business demand to focus on strategic projects that will a bottom-line impact, there is no shortage of challenges to face.

To many, however, the idea of handing over significant parts of the business and systems to an external party doesn’t sit comfortably. After all, how could anyone understand the business and what it needs better than those actually working at the coal-face? Let alone the people who may have created the business in the first place. 

Here’s 5 reasons you should consider working with an evolved Managed Services Provider:

1. Long-term partnership = mutual success

The Managed Services Provider model is built on the need for both parties to develop a close and active working relationship, which includes developing unique solutions and processes that will meet your organisation’s needs perfectly. Extensive consultation is done at the outset to set-up not only the right solution but to also create shared platforms for ongoing communication that will enable the focus of the Managed Services Provider to change as you and your organisation’s do. Business is never static, and neither is technology – especially in today’s fast-paced environments – so staying close is critical to achieving not just your goals, but also the goals of any (good) Managed Services Provider: to keep you content and develop a partnership that lasts long into the future.

2. A whole team of experts both on- and off-site

It’s common in evolved Managed Services Provider partnerships to have a team with a mixed skill-set working with you, both embedded onsite with the client and at the end of the phone 24/7 should you need them. This hybrid model, recognising that teams work better if they’re in physical proximity and have a genuine understanding of company culture then they can clearly frame the business challenge as a whole, as well as having a whole suite of in-depth expertise on-hand remotely if needed; this leads to faster and better results for all.

3. Self-service and automation – reduce admin and cut resolution times

Removing manual processes while maintaining levels of control is a fine balance. An evolved Managed Services Provider will be able to establish systems and processes that allow you to easily automate tasks that you’d not ordinarily be able to or make it easy for you to provision resources should your needs change. Through the use of a self-service portal, for example, you can do things that would ordinarily take hours to do in minutes and divest responsibility for simple tasks, such as password resets, to your wider organisation and Managed Services Provider. Through technology, you can cut your workload, get quicker resolutions times and also keep your spend-levels with your Managed Services Provider consistent.

4. The technology is better

Managed Services Providers spend a lot of time scoping, testing, deploying, and then proactively managing the best and newest technology for different applications and in different environments. This makes them your best source of critical and independent assessment when it comes to what technologies are best suited to your business and the problems you’re trying to solve, providing you with strategic guidance on all things security, deployment, integration, performance, or anything else.

5. Satisfaction assured

Everyone has the best intentions when it comes to having happy customers. However, a good Managed Services Provider’s business model is neatly and deliberately designed to genuinely achieve this. An evolved Managed Services Provider will directly tie your satisfaction with it and its employees’ success, incentivising their staff based on CSAT scores, providing you with live feedback when your wider organisation has interacted with the Managed Services Provider (such as when contacting the help desk) and providing you with direct access to senior management should you wish to raise any concerns.

It’s the hyper-dynamic nature of today’s digitally-driven business environment that creates excitement and trepidation in equal measure. The opportunities are immense, as are the risks and costs of failure.

Partnering with an experienced and evolving Managed Services Provider – one who can provide you with an advanced, personal service – can help you get quickly up to speed in terms of knowledge and the ability to physically deploy the best solutions to give your organisations the greatest chance of success.

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