Most organisations today are either deep into their digital transformation strategies or about to kick-start their journeys.

Many have been deploying Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking (SD-WAN) technology on top of internet connections as an easy solution to a range of legacy network issues including performance, security and ease of deployment at the edge. With the promise of network flexibility and  simplified application performance management, it is no surprise that it’s become a go-to.

While the SD-WAN space has seen impressive growth over the past few years, with some reports calling it ‘the most disruptive technology of 2019’, organisations still need to stop, and think twice about what they’re doing.

In the same way cloud-based technology on its own is not enough to support businesses, internet-only SD-WAN isn’t the be-all and end-all solution either.

That’s why Brennan IT is proud to be launching Hybrid Secure SD-WAN to leverage a Hybrid Networking approach. This advocates the agnostic adoption of Hybrid Networking that couples SD-WAN with your traditional Private IP (MPLS) and internet connections.

Why is this important? Because internet-only SD-WAN solves just one part of the issue

Despite the hype, technology hasn’t been able to keep up with the pace of the changing workforce of the future – digital and mobile.

Low speeds and unscaleable network infrastructure are not only causing issues around security and governance, but it is impacting growth and innovation now.

Wit a ready, easily deployable answer in internet-only SD-WAN, why do organisations need to stop and think twice?

Selecting the proper solution is a complex task. Organisations must take the time to evaluate the networks and applications they will need to support, their likely long-term and growing needs, as well as the geographic needs that must be met.

However, more importantly, organisations need to take into serious consideration that SD-WAN expands an organisation’s attack surface significantly. According to Fortinet’s Threat Landscape Report, the average organisation suffers 20 cyber-attacks a year – four of which result in breaches that cause damages such as data loss, downtime, or compliance issues. 

The answer, therefore, is adopting a Hybrid Networking approach that utilises Hybrid Secure SD-WAN, which will enable you to get the most out of security, control, and value from your existing assets and new SD-WAN technology.

Brennan IT is one of the most experienced and respected providers of network solutions in Australia, with expert engineers ready to help design, implement and manage the right SD-WAN and wider hybrid networking solution for your organisation.

What is Hybrid SD-WAN? 

At Brennan IT, we’re excited to introduce to market our Hybrid Networking suite of services, which is a combination of traditional MPLS infrastructure with SD-WAN technology and your internet connections.

The suite enables organisations to create bespoke networking solutions; ranging from managing existing networks, deploying Secure Hybrid SD-WAN, private IPs combining MPLS and SD-WAN hybrids, and carrier-agnostic unified communications.

We believe that when MPLS, internet connectivity and SD-WAN are combined to create Hybrid Networks, they offer huge benefits to organisations for very little change or investment:

  1. You can better leverage your existing MPLS networks and internet connections to deliver dependable, high-speed connectivity for both internal and external traffic
  2. You can utilise SD-WAN to link and band them together into one aggregate bandwidth, allowing organisations to route traffic to where it needs to go more effectively, get complete network visibility and control, as well as increase security at every point
  3. And since SD-WAN operates at the edge, eliminate the need for traditional WAN routers, firewalls, and expensive static hardware where they’re not needed.

Combining traditional networking with SD-WAN is a great opportunity to maximise performance and ensure the best return on investment from both new and existing assets.

If you’d like to learn how Hybrid SD-WAN can help your business, check out the many resources we have available online or contact Brennan IT today.