Office 365 not only provides your organisation with software that’s essential for innovation, it’s also a fully-fledged, Cloud-based document management system that can revolutionise the way in which your sensitive information is managed.

So, what are its features and how can it help you? 


A key benefit of using Office 365 as a document sharing system means that documents are fully integrated with any of the Office applications. It promotes central repository and allows co-authoring of Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents with an option to enable versioning. It also offers the ability to share documents not only internally but also with your external partners.


All sectors are trying to respond to the opportunities and threats that digital transformation brings; there is no denying the significance of technology in relation to innovation and productivity, and leading organisations are recognising this change by actively working to digitise their assets and automate their workflows.

Office 365 integrates seamlessly with Flow, PowerApps and Forms features within the product suite, tools that allow you to easily digitise your organisation one step at a time. Additionally, Office 365 natively integrates with DocuSign; just another way your organisation can boost their productivity by responding digitally.


Office 365 offers comprehensive mobile support, including the ability to search for documents, edit them and share them from your tablet, smartphone or laptop.

The suite fully integrates with Outlook, giving your employees access to all their messages on-the-go and enabling them to focus on what’s important at any given moment. Integration with Outlook also enables them to send a link to a file that lives in SharePoint, automatically updating permissions in the process.


Comprehensive ‘delta sync’ on documents enables your users to work even if they are utilising a weak internet connection or offline, syncing-up to SharePoint where they left off when they’re next able to connect.

Office also offers an option for full version control, without the need to sign documents in or out, and with ‘delta sync’, it avoids the confusion of creating multiple copies of a single document. Organisations improve their internal processes through the full configuration of metadata for document & library classification, assigning review dates, setting owners etc.

Additionally, Office 365 comes with deep search indexing and intelligent search out-of-the-box, helping to reduce the time and effort that employees waste currently by having to sift through various systems and archives to source the information they need, as well as reducing duplicate variants.


Your organisation is able to manage a SharePoint ‘page’ as an asset – so, for example, you may need to review a policy every 12 months, and that policy can be set as a page (rather than a document) on your intranet for ease of consumption. Alternatively, Office 365 can assign metadata to documents automatically; if you are saving to a document library, Office 365 will append details to the document. You can then set workflows for auto-archiving and review of documents based on this, allowing your intranet to remain well organised and up-to-date automatically.


Office 365 offers your organisation the ability to configure and brand the UI to meet your exact requirements; it’s full of potential customisations and personalisations.

Office 365 offers a very large support base – both via online support and the Microsoft partner community. This de-risk your document management solution to ensure your organisation is never left in the dark without somewhere to turn for help.

Office 365 offers you the ability to become dynamic, acting as a suite of key tools that improve collaboration, innovation and productivity. Fully adopted, your organisation will feel more connected and, with data storage and workflows automated, simple and safe to navigate and use.

By implementing a pre-integrated solution like Office 365, your organisation can avoid wasting time on the small details and focus on the task at hand, which in-turn, lends efforts to increasing your profitability and success.

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