Digital transformation is about using the technology available, to enhance the way your business works.

Last month we looked at the importance of having a service provider who can understand your business, align to your strategy and help you to leverage your technology so that it works best for you. The digital journey isn’t a path that you need to take on your own.

At Brennan IT we see so many of our clients using technology to further their work, be it through improving their internal processes, connecting their workforce, increasing client and staff satisfaction or finding new ways to reach their clients. Each of these themes will mean something different to your business and we will look at them all individually. This month we are focusing on a theme that’s a priority for any type of organisation, and that is top line growth.

Making sales

Generating revenue is key to the survival of companies of all sizes. Technology has been supporting this function for a long time but recently we have begun to see how it actually changes the way people are working.

One of the most evident forms of digital transformation in the sales department is the use of Unified Communications to get in front of clients. Virtual Meeting Rooms are enabling sales people to meet more, with teams that cannot easily be reached through travel. Sales teams can sit virtually face-to-face with their clients without being hindered by location.

Technology also helps sales teams make the most of their time by allowing them to be mobile workers. At Brennan IT our sales teams are equipped with mobile devices and cloud based applications that enable them to work on the go. Our sales manager asks his teams to spend at least 70% of their time out of the office, getting to know their clients’ needs.

Technology makes this experience possible. Soft phone applications mean staff never miss a call to their office line. Skype for business is not just an instant messenger for us, we rely a lot on the presence status to understand our colleagues’ availability. This is valuable when they are not at a desk across the office.

It is important for sales people to be connected to their client data when they are on the road. Holding a CRM system in a cloud platform allows staff to access information from anywhere, while also maintaining the security and integrity of that data.

Deloitte’s digital workplace report found that sales teams saved up to 3 hours a day on admin and management tasks because they had access to mobile solutions.

A good use of cloud technology is Office 365 which gives sales teams mobile versions of all their most important assets – email conversations, product slide decks, proposals, price lists, available to them from any device. These tools enhance client relationships, as the sales people are no longer chained to their desk and can afford to spend more time getting to know their clients’ needs.

For other businesses, in store technology is vital for increasing sales. We have seen our retail clients shift towards using technology to equip their store clerks with direct access to the company’s stock management system, never missing a sale. The use of tablets on the shop floor is also becoming prevalent, allowing clerks the mobility to roam with their customer, while also processing a request.

We have begun to help our clients leverage the capabilities of their Wi-Fi solution to track their customers’ footfall and understand their journey, ultimately giving them the tools to deliver a greater in store experience.

The shift towards technology has allowed our clients to change the way they do things, in order to make more money. With so many of the sales processes being altered through digitalisation it is likely your team will be faced with a chance to leverage one, if not many of these, in the near future.

Remember that it helps to have the backing of a partner who can make that transition clearer, and make your life easier. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask for our advice on 1300 500 000 or click here.