The need for businesses to connect their multiple offices has not changed since the first days of the Internet. But it has significantly evolved in that time.

Businesses are demanding more agility in their network structures to support transformative digital strategies. Network downtime, in any form, can debilitate a business – as can unforeseen security breaches.

But the challenges of today are different. Device choice and mobility, remote workforces, expanding security perimeters, and the Internet of Things are all making agile and secure networking a greater challenge for organisations – one that requires careful and expert network management.

How can carrier-agnostic networking improve business outcomes?

Applications are now far more agnostic with respect to how they’re accessed, and new layers of security are needed to protect an increasingly mobile workforce.

With the added complication of software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools as an integral part of most business operations, there’s now rarely an option to privately connect to these via VPN or LAN networks anymore, making hybrid internet connections more desirable.

The network has also significantly evolved in terms of security. Firewall and protection of the corporate network’s perimeter has shifted to an emphasis on the end-user identity and their personal device protection, which brings with it an even greater need to take an agnostic approach in a network management system.

With so many devices to manage and facing a range of technologies that often don’t speak to each other, IT teams are faced with unnecessarily manual processes whilst balancing the ever-increasing likelihood of a security breach.

That’s why carrier agnostic networking is the way of the future.

Choosing the right carrier-agnostic networking management company

Brennan IT is known for many things – hybrid IT, end-user services, unified communications, and IT security, to name a few.

But one of our heritage offerings, and something we have perfected as a business over 20 years, is the seamless management of networks, no matter the technology or carrier your business is with.

Brennan IT offers a 24/7, end-to-end visibility of all your network services and devices via a custom-built network monitoring tool.

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