What makes a great team and how can you build one? Tell us below.

Whether it’s delivering great, ongoing performance or a single outstanding achievement, a good business team is a powerful asset.

But great teams rarely happens by accident. They’re usually the result of a combination of good leadership, talent and cohesion.

At Brennan IT, we think that great teams can be made, as well as found. Here are a few ingredients we think are vital:

Goal setting

A great team knows what its aim is, as well as how to achieve it.

This goes for individual members as much as it does for the team as a whole.

Of course, it helps if roles are clear and well defined, but great results aren’t achieved by successfully filling roles – they’re achieved by meeting goals.


In great teams, the lines of communication are wide open so that ideas and agendas can flow from top to bottom.

The bigger the team, the harder this can be to manage, and the more formal structures may need to be put in place.


Teams aren’t built by people alone. Collaboration tools like wikis and Microsoft SharePoint, as well as project management tools, can provide a space for discussion, data and schedules.

For teams working across different geographies, unified communication services and video conferencing can also yield dividends.


A good team is finely tuned, and the more aware a team is of its individuals’ activities, the more cohesive it can be.

Whether it’s a weekly conference or ad-hoc meetings, making sure that the team as a whole understands the progress of its individuals and their tasks means avoiding potential stumbling blocks while speeding delivery where possible.

What do you think? What can make a good team great?