After a well executed implementation project Brennan IT is excited to announce that we have migrated to ServiceNow, a leading ticket management solution in the IT Service Management industry.

We are very passionate about understanding our customers and ensuring that we are continuously developing our tools and skills to cater for your needs. We have listened to your feedback regarding the Service Desk portal and have made some major improvements that will make your life easier when logging and managing tickets. 


  1. A live feed of updates can be viewed on any tickets you wish to follow, saving time spent on phone calls and emails. This means you can receive instant information on issues while continuing with your own tasks. 
  2. The Service Desk portal has now been optimised for mobile devices. This makes life easier when you are dealing with an issue on the go as you can keep up to date on your device, without having to call us or respond to an email chain. 
  3. The new portal gives you much greater visibility over existing issues, meaning you can instantly apply workarounds to known issues. Workarounds will keep you and your team operational while we fix the issue at hand. 
  4. From a management perspective, all user and infrastructure details are available to the allocated contacts, giving you greater visibility over what is important in your environment. 


We really encourage you to make use of this new portal, it will definitely save you time and improve your ticket management processes. Future enhancements that we are working towards include customisation capabilities on your dashboard and reports. 

The migration to ServiceNow brings us a huge amount of internal features and benefits, feel free to ask any of the team about these if you are interested.

Brennan IT’s vision is to become unbeatable at delivering the best service and quality outcomes for our clients and people. As our organization continues to grow, we need to ensure that we have the right tools to support ourselves in this journey.

For our people, the improvement to our Service Desk system will mean that tasks and processes are simplified so that they can spend time where it counts – adding value to you, our clients.

For our clients this will mean that you can interact with us quickly and efficiently and then get straight back to doing what you do best. 

We will be in touch shortly with your individual login details and a full tutorial on how to use your new portal, but until then feel free to contact with any questions you may have.